Arcturus “Disguised Masters” (1999)

30. April 2018 Ulv 0

Following their Norwegian tradition of varying their previous work * Arcturus managed to create an absolutely mind blasting remake of their own tracks from the previous, just as twisted album, “La Masquerade Infernale”. The idea […]


Arcturus “La Masquerade Infernale” (1997)

30. April 2018 James Slone 0

“La Maquerade Infernale” was and remains a tremendously influential album. Arcturus was largely responsible for popularizing a more theatrical strand of atmospheric metal, and “La Masquerade” was the band’s defining statement, a grotesque and vaudevillian […]


Arcturus “Sideshow Symphonies” (2005)

30. April 2018 Polygon 0

Arcturus is a band which is rated as the main artistic driving force of a free-spirited, unorthodox and freaky generation of musicians. Artists who decided to leave the borders of traditional metal music behind to […]


Aosoth “IV: An Arrow In Heart” (2013)

30. April 2018 Mystery Flame 0

Aosoth was noted for delivering a product of superior quality with their merciless previous album “III: Violence & Variations”, a scathing, lethal example of avant black metal where bleak dissonance and soul-crushing droning copulated copiously […]


Ansur “Warring Factions” (2008)

30. April 2018 aVoid 0

First, some clarification and explanation is needed before beginning the review. There is progressive music, and then there is avant-garde music. The same music some might claim (perhaps not on this website though, but elsewhere […]

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