Ikuinen Kaamos “Fall of Icons” (2010)

6. June 2020 Simon Brand 0

Continuing the trend of Finish avant-garde black metal from last week’s Oranssi Pazuzu, this week we present to you with the similarly placed, similarly skilled and similarly styled quintet of Ikuinen Kaamos. The idea of […]


Ihsahn “Das Seelenbrechen” (2013)

6. June 2020 Lefteris K. 0

Ihsahn is a man that needs no introduction, especially in within the (black) metal realms. His solo project picks up from the progressive pathway he had stopped with Emperor’s Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & […]


Ihsahn “After” (2010)

6. June 2020 Adam Matlock 0

A new Ihsahn album is always something of an event. By the time Emperor had reached their last album, the band was basically an extreme vehicle for the musical avenues Ihsahn had explored with Thou […]


Ihsahn “AngL” (2008)

6. June 2020 Tentakel P. 0

I suppose there is much controversy going on about Ihsahn: Whether you are true/untrue to like/dislike PECCATUM, whether EMPEROR ceased to exist after or before “IX Equilibrium”, whether or not he is a genius composer […]


Id:Vision “Plazmadkaos” (2007)

6. June 2020 Suleiman 0

Just a short noise, and straight to its hyperkinetic business. It sounds like symphonic black metal battling it out with technical death metal. Only when the vocals kick in (a misanthropic rasp) that the black […]


Iblis “Menthell” (2012)

6. June 2020 AGMHQ 0

There isn’t really much that can be said about this album that you can’t read out from the cover artwork. Look at it. A muscly-armed iguana-fish-man with moth wings, in deep red flames, slicing open […]

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