Desiderii Marginis “Strife” (2004)

I think it was 2001 when I first noticed that the synapses of my brain are getting hungry for more bizarre and distracting music art. Black Metal, the cult I was totally spellbound to that time, had no more strength and creativity to satisfy my needs. So I packed my stuff and started a journey through the infinite cosmos of avant-garde metal.

I went with the spaceship Arcturus on its tour ad astra. I visited the Tyrolean Alps and drowned with Korovakill in the deep blue sea of my own soul, gasping for air in a near-death experience. With Aborym I was taught a new form of Satanism and got lost in the Latin maelstrom of ruthless industrial noise and hateful metal art. But also I really enjoyed every second of my voyage trough the universe of vanguard sounds, I never experienced the total freedom. This music still was chained to rock patterns and no matter how freaky the rhythms were, how abstruse the conception, all those bands were not able to operate outside the boundaries bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or the Beatles once invented. So again, it was time for me to go on a journey…

This time I chose a travel agency from Sweden called “Cold Meat Industry”. The owner, Roger Karmanik, asked me in, with a strange smile on his draconian face. He told me that not many travellers are visiting him and that I should be prepared for new challenges. He guided my to three spiritual gates.

“This is not entertainment”, Karmanik started his ceremonial speech, while pointing at the gateways. He was dressed quite normal in blue jeans and a white shirt. His blonde hair was short cut and his overall appearance was not eye-catching, except the glance in his eyes, which I remember extraterrestrial and somehow evil. “If you will walk through one of those portals, you will return as another human. I offer you nothing less than a spiritual rebirth. Its now your decision which way you want to choose. However you will decide, the catharsis will be a painful one.” I remember smiling because of his pathetic words. Today I know he understated in order not to frighten me.

Gate number one was called the “Maschinenzimmer 412”. The frame of the portal was decorated with several satanic and nationalistic symbols. I even found a swastika there but was not sure if it was related to the time of German National Socialism or the ancient Hinduism. What I saw through the eye of the portal was shocking: A huge machine, half human, half mechanical, covered in blood and flesh, was operating in a disparate rhythm, producing nothing but painful noise. I was not able to stand the Maschinenzimmer for more than 10 seconds and quickly moved on. This would be my last resort I decided.

The second portal was called the “Sephiroth”. It was surrounded by several botanicals from the Amazon and from behind the gate I could hear a hunting ambient sound driven by alien percussions and tribal beats. From time to time a hunter-gatherer came along and read some notes from the Kabbalah. I could hear voices from apes, tigers and snakes. I became witness of a horrible homicide and while I was thinking if this might have been Cain murdering Abel my ears caught the beauty of the last gate: Desiderii Marginis.

I left the jungle behind and focused on the third and last portal. My senses totally were captured by the magic which reached me in waves of the most beautiful music I was ever able to listen to. In these moments of unconsciousness I didn’t realise that Roger Karmanik, this devil beyond the border, had already left the scenery. Through the eye of Desiderii Marginis I saw an apocalyptic landscape painted in the colours of a wonderful and, so was my impression, everlasting orange-red sunset. Although it was obvious, that this world suffered from a terrible strife I felt secure and, guided by the beautiful and relaxing sound, stepped trough the gate.

On the other side a heavy wind blew from north-east. It was quite warm, maybe 18 degrees. I was surrounded by ruins of industry, but I could not identify their type. Far away at the horizon I saw smoke rising into the orange-red heaven. Everything, even the ground, was covered by a rust-like substance. I also passed a destroyed old car which could have been from the 20th century of my world. I felt alone. Except the narcotic sound which seemed to fall from heaven and the wind which howled through the destroyed factory buildings, there was nothing that could have proved the existence of other humans.

This world suffered a terrible conflict. An atomic disaster or maybe it was nature itself which took revenge. But the answers to these questions had no meaning to me. As I walked over the dying ground of mother earth I just felt thankful for being alone with this sound of silence falling from the sky. When heaven sang the “Sweat Hereafter” I had to sit down. No matter how long I will stay at this place, sitting on the dead ground and listening: I will never forget how art can darken the world’s mirrors to let in a stronger light.

I feel at home.



Release:  2004
Label:  Cold Meat Industry
Avantgenre:  Sounds That Are Tragic And Timeless
Duration:  49:15
Origin:  Sweden
Official site:
Review online since:  06.01.2008 / 15:26:48


01 – Forlorn 2
02 – Blackout
03 – A Failure At Liberty
04 – From Glory To Where
05 – In A Nameless Place
06 – Deceit
07 – Nightraid
08 – The Sweet Hereafter

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