Du “Risk & Investment” (2010)

16. March 2021 Adryuu 1

DU, formerly known as Det är Jag som är Döden (Däjsäd), have been haunting my ears (as DU), since their ‘Softness’ single appeared. I was a big fan of Däjsäd, and I was looking forward to hear something new by these […]


Download “FiXer” (2007)

16. March 2021 Oliver Side 0

I’ve never been a Skinny Puppy bimbo worshipper, even though some of their stuff, especially the more chaotic parts of their past history, might have sounded really promising and intense, and I can understand how […]


Diamatregon “III: Crossroad”

16. March 2021 aVoid 0

This album from French Satanist bastards DIAMATREGON (third in order as the title suggests), a second cloak of expression for the occluded minds behind ALUK TODOLO (or was it the other way around?), is in […]


Der Blutharsch “The Track of the Hunted” (2000)

16. March 2021 Jobst 0

Der Blutharsch proves that music can become a cinema, without any visual instrument but the walls of imagination. Moreover, Der Blutharsch is the Cinema Paradiso of the ethereal and harsh music, blending underground mysteries, Neo-Folk […]


Dark Suns “Orange” (2011)

16. March 2021 Mystery Flame 0

Good to see that a steady, laborious artistic evolution has finally given birth to a mutation which has exciting chances to progress very successfully through the tough process of natural selection. The first track bursts […]

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