Cult of Erinyes / Zifir “Split” (2012)

Splits are usually a great way to become introduced to two or more bands, or for bands to get a few songs out that would not fit on an album. Accordingly, this split, consisting of three songs from CULT OF ERINYES and four from ZIFIR, were solely made for this particular release. Both bands are highly dedicated black metal acts but the two are quite different from each other. Belgian CULT OF ERINYES stands for the more stylish and monolithic tunes, starting off with the uncompromising Teutoburger Wald. There is a good balance between the instruments and the variable vocals, which ranges between harsh screams and semi-guttural threats fit the music well. The main emphasis is however on the guitars that do their best to build up an imposing soundscape. The stick just before 5 min adds a nice shift to the otherwise rather minimalistic composition. The Eschatologist is in my opinion the strongest song, with a gentle and flowing middle section that abruptly ends in a heavy manner, while Hermitry is a little less variable and long-spunned. Although the music is well-played and produced, the songs are quite strict in their construction and some more variety or surprises would probably do good to leave a longer imprint.

ZIFIR from Turkey introduces themselves with Kafir/Heathen. The sound is quite airy yet raw and sharp and there is a creative and playful vibe in ZIFIR, but the songs seem to miss a red thread to be fully capturing. The drums are somewhat lost in the composition, and deliberately not present at all in the imposing War. The most interesting in the artillery of ZIFIR would be Sole Wrong, which although being quite straight-forward in its arrangement, contains some warped vocal surprises and guitar lines that would be even more welcomed if they were more pronounced. The instrumental Shroud meanders out and ends the split in an almost sorrow-like state. After a few listenings, I cannot help but feeling that even though neither CULT OF ERINYES nor ZIFIR are bad – it is just something that I have heard before from a multitude of other acts. Still, if straightforward black metal is your main preference, both bands should probably be kept in mind.



Release:  December 2012
Label:  Tanquam Aegri Somnia
Avantgenre:  Black Metal
Duration:  30:27
Origin:  Belgium / Turkey
Official site:  None
Review online since:  10.07.2013 / 21:28:02


01 – Cult Of Erinyes – Teutoburger Wald
02 – Cult Of Erinyes – The Eschatologist
03 – Cult Of Erinyes – Hermitry
04 – Zifir – Kafir / Heathen
05 – Zifir – War
06 – Zifir – Sole Wrong
07 – Zifir – Shroud

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