Cradle of Filth “Darkly Darkly, Venus Aversa” (2010)

Some people seek comfort in the familiar. They like to eat the same meal, go to the same shows, sleep with the same wo/men. Now, we can add listening to CoF to that list.

We all know, CoF has turned to a album factory – a similar album for every two years, one or two “nice” songs, and the repetition of the same-old same-old in the rest of the album. Nevertheless, in the past albums (such as Thornography, Nymphetamine) I used to be able to discover some slightly unfamiliar tunes, some nice moments. However, I failed to do so in their latest attack. It is as aggressive and melodic as the previous ones. But, what happened to originality?

The album opens with a same-old same-old gothic interlude that introduces the concept of the album. If you are one the lucky “few” who recieved the promo-single before the release of the album, you might have seen the similarities already. Not much has changed. One or two, classical CoF melodies and some fill-in songs in between them.

This album is definitely a measure for how dedicated fan of CoF you are. This measure has got tougher and tougher during time. Now, you really need to be a dedicated fan to enjoy this album.

-Can Baskent


Release:  2010
Label:  Peaceville Records
Avantgenre:  Cult Extreme Gothic Metal
Duration:  90:00 [limited Edition]
Origin:  UK
Official site:
Review online since:  24.11.2010 / 01:50:33


01 – The Cult Of Venus Aversa
02 – One Foul Step From The Abyss
03 – The Nun With The Astral Habit
04 – Retreat Of The Sacred Heart
05 – The Persecution Song
06 – Deceiving Eyes
07 – Lilith Immaculate
08 – The Spawn Of Love And War
09 – Harlot On A Pedestal
10 -Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)
11 – Beyond Eleventh Hour

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