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I’ve never been a Skinny Puppy bimbo worshipper, even though some of their stuff, especially the more chaotic parts of their past history, might have sounded really promising and intense, and I can understand how important they have been for the development of electronic music. I saw them live in 2006 and I must admit that the whole performance was amazing to experience face-to-face! But the thing is, Cevin Key, half of Skinny Puppy, for me at least, is the man to follow around everywhere he goes. He has kept his musical creativity in an explosive state and top-notch since the mid-nineties, releasing solo albums here and cooperative bands there, Download being one of the latter category.

I could have reviewed all of Download’s discography, but there’s something specific to FiXer, which was released last year on Cevin’s own Subconscious label, that somehow represents what this creative outlet is all about. Instead of being totally abstract indus-noise jams such as some of their earlier albums, however still retaining much of the chaotic darkness after all, this last one sometimes clearly goes for a more 4/4 right-on techno feeling, an approach which has been downloadish since 1996’s III, but this is now very diversified, meeting many other styles as well over the album’s entire course.

-Oliver Side


Release:  2007
Label:  Subconscious Studios
Avantgenre:  Spiritual IDM
Duration:  Eee
Origin:  USoA
Official site:
Review online since:  19.12.2007 / 20:55:21


01 – Bell Ringoor
02 – Zass Pie
03 – Uhm
04 – Krakatoa Pt. 1, 2 And 3
05 – Neuron Proper
06 – Sorcear
07 – 12 Yearsblows
08 – Starving
09 – Eruption
10 – Hoorse

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