James Slone

Chief Editor

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Lefteris K.

Chief Editor

Origin: Patras, Greece

Interests: Music, books, theatre, internet

“We charge tradition with being an excuse for idleness, unpersonality and regression. We praise evolution for being the logical consequence of creation, progression and elevation.”

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Chief Editor

Spirituality, Languages, Mountains and Auditory and Culinary Delights in all shapes and forms!

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Chrystof Niederwieser


Origin: Tyrolean Alps

since X/2010: publisher of AGMcom
2007 – 2010: founder and chief editor of AGMcom
1990 – 2001: artist with bands like Korova, KorovaKill and Angizia

across the seas of waves and sounds
far unto the unknown shores
of sparkling worlds yet undiscovered…

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Webmaster, Designer

Origin: Vienna, Austria

and other activities …

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Katja Honeywine van de Barrel

Extended Media

co-founder of www.agm.com

Origin: Ex-GDR, Pearl of the East, Germany

Responsibilites: editing, advertising, myspace, youtube, AGM MAG, organisation, coffee and cake

Music: everything weird and beautiful, love piano sounds

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Andreas aVoid

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Oliver Side

AGMusick: The more genreless, the better.

Unknown your self, and unknown what you do, shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under avant-gardism and psychedelism.

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Tentakel P.

Settlement: Germany- Hamburg, pearl of the north

Musical preferences: Black/ Death and any other kind of metal… and then everything else dark and twisted.

Eternal heroes: Enslaved, Emperor, Ulver, Nile, Abigor, Lunar Aurora, Dead Can Dance, Die Ärzte, Björk.

Visionary visualists: Hayao Myazaki, Quentin Tarantino. Some films the koreans produce recently like “A Bittersweet life”, “Oldboy” a.o. The Star Trek Universe. Monty Python.

Outstanding books: Terry Pratchett (rules!), Stephen King. German authors: Kleist, Hoffmann, Tieck and the like. Russian literature: Tolstoj, Dostojevski, Nabokov. Although there’s much I still need to read…

Other nonsense: Bashing drums in Todtgelichter, playing RPG’s and Beat ’em Ups on Playstation plus heavy retro-gaming (NES and so on…).

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Origin: Pakistan

Occupation: Electronics – Planning Engineer by Profession / Metalhead, musician, scholar, artist, mystic, ex(!)-stoner, family man by calling

Top 14 albums (not in any order and only a chunk of about 200 records):

Piper at the Gates of Dawn – Pink Floyd
South of Heaven – Slayer
Master of Puppets – Metallica
Into the Nightside Eclipse – Emperor
Dusk and Her Embrace – Cradle of Filth
Controlled by Hatred – Suicidal Tendencies
Coma of Souls – Kreator
Human – Death
Scum – Napalm Death
City – Strapping Young Lad
Blessed are the Sick – Morbid Angel
Through Silver and Blood – Neurosis
Elizium – Fields of Nephilim
Killers – Iron Maiden

Love: Allah, my wonderful parents, adorable wife and kid and metal

Pet Peeves: Racism, Imperialism, Colonization. Authoritarians, crappy lo-fi Black Metal and its legions , crappy hi-fi metalcore and its legions

Favourite Books: Focault’s Pendulum-Umberto Eco, Ghost Story- Peter Straub, Most stuff by Alan Moore – Various and thousands of other works as well as the Quran which I am just discovering

Indulgences: quality hashish, good whiskies, dark chocolates, shawermas and greek sandwiches

Download: Burzukh – Orion http://www.zshare.net/download/29189248ea2fd4/

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Thor Joakimsson

Origin: Sauerland / Germany

Fave music: The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band

Fave question: If God was almighty, would he be able to construct a stone so heavy that he himself couldn’t pick it up?

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Mystery Flame

Location: Central UK – South of Spain – North of Italy

Music: My life. Always in search for new and exciting artists who are not afraid to walk beyond the trodden path.

Fav bands: Come and ask me!

Passions: Quantum physics, cosmology, philosophy, art, the esoteric.

Can be found at: www.myspace.com/mysteryflameart

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Where: La Mancha, Spain
When: 1982 – whenever
What: Mighty Reviewer of Amazing eps (well, self-proclaimed)
Why: why not?

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Jonny Lignano also known as the Lignano

The Monkees
The Test
The Animals
The Beatles
The Slayer
The Music
The Goal
The The
The John Mayal Explosion
The Gordon Brown
The Eat the Rich
The Japandroids
The Idea
The Goaly
The Never-Ending-Story
The Sell-Out
The Love
The Computer
The Chaos
The Loneliness
The Complicated
The Garden
The Innermost
The Outermost
The End
The Garlic
The Boston Consulting Group
The White Dwarf
The Sound
The me
The Pet Shop Boys
The Lovelessness
The Language
The Sign
The Kirk
The Order
The Everything
The Prince formerly known as the Artist
The Violence
The Coppola
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
The Rolling Stones
The Burzum
The Cure
The Wish
The Roy Orbison
The Joy Orbison
The Deutsch
The Troy Orbison
The Nothing
The Joy Division
The Roy Division
The Roy Orbison Division
The Meta-Orbit
The Thing.

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Origin: In the middle of Croatia

Musical references: weird and normal music or whatever I stumble upon: avantgarde metal, post rock/metal/hardcore, crust punk, neofolk, noise&experimental, obscure 60s & 70s…from Ved Buens Ende to infinity http://www.last.fm/user/vUlv

Swarms through: literature (ancient to modern), nature, architecture,all other forms of arts, Europe, languages, cheese

You must read: E. Ionesco, Leonid Andreyev, Danilo Kis, G. Trackl, A.G. Matoš

A thought: “Gold is to give silence a form”

Favorite addition: d + c = Lignano

The meaning of life is to: …. create

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Simon Brand

Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland

Musical Preferences: Jazz Metal, Technical Progressive Metal,
atmospheric BM, Post-Rock/Metal, Doom Metal, Jazz Fusion, 20th
century/romantic era composition, intelligent Death Metal and Shred.

Top Albums:
Cynic – Focus
Cynic – Traced In Air
Spiral Architect – A Sceptic’s Universe
Exivious – s/t
The Fractured Dimension – Towards The Mysterium
Scale The Summit – Carving Desert Canyons
Psychotic Waltz – A Social Grace
Humanoid – Remembering Universe
Jesu – s/t

Other Deviations: Playing video games, guitar, computer programming, reading, watching films, cooking, eating.

Favourite Quote: “I drink your milkshake!”

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Martin Cermak

Origin: city of Prague, Czech republic

Musical evolution (chronologically from childhood to present times):
1. Classic music (mainly the weird, such as Prokofiev)
2. Depeche Mode
3. Kraftwerk, Jarre & different synth music
4. Electronic Body Music, Industrial, Ambient
5. Metal – doom, black, death, goth… everything atmospheric
6. Avant-garde metal
7. Intelligent pop, electro, trip-hop, nu-jazz & lots of different stuff

Top 10 of metal avant-garde (in alphabetical order):
Carnival In Coal: Fear Not Carnival In Coal
Emperor – Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise
Ephel Duath – The Painter’s Palette
Hacride – Amoeba
Madder Mortem – All Flesh Is Grass
Misanthrope – Visionnaire
Orphaned Land – Mabool
Sirrah – Did Tomorrow Come…
Solefald – The Linear Scaffold / Neonism
Textures – Drawing Circles

Fields & deviations:
* Extern regular writer/editor for Spark mag. (the leading Czech/Slovak hard & heavy magazine) and its more alternative side project Spike mag., occasionally contributing in the sci-fi & fantasy mag. Ikarie (all as a hobby). Publicist and editor in a medical journal (as a job).
* Master degree in Czech language and literature, philosophy, social sciences, journalism. Just now starting the psychotherapeutic training.
* Playing piano, keyboards and bass. Amongst others projects played in the Czech avant-garde metal commando Demimonde and released two albums with them some years ago.
* Beside music am into fantastic and biographic literature, social psychology, education and tactical desk games…

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Jobst (in real-life realms known as Nofar)

Origin: Tel Aviv, Israel

Musical references: Metal is the eternal basis – Range from the most common genres to the eerie and profound. Above and beyond breathes entities such as Neo – Folk and Folk, Dark Ambient and Industrial, Goth rock and electronics, New Wave and 80’s, Classical and some Indie.

Top 13 albums:
Amorphis – Elegy
Dornenreich – Nicht um zu sterben
Emperor – Anthems to the welkin at dusk
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Opeth – My arms, your hearse
Primordial – Spirit the earth aflame
Void of Silence – Human antithesis
In the Woods… – Omnio
Elend – Winds Devouring Men
Death in June – Take Care and Control
Dargaard – Eternity Rites
Fen – The Malediction Fields
The Ruins of Beverast – Rain upon the Impure

Other deviations: Keeping metal madness in the Israeli review website, “The Blind Janitor”.
Thrives in: Words, sounds, landscapes.

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Everybody knows I’m not a folk singer.

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Adam Matlock

Origin: New Haven, CT

Musical Preferences: from Berio to Bathory, from Schoenberg to Sigh, from Mingus to The Mars Volta, from COIL to the Coltranes (John, Alice, Ravi, take your pick) from The Roots to Ram Zet. Connect the dots as you wish.

Top Metal Albums:
(subject to change two seconds ago)
1349 – Liberation
Melechesh – Sphynx
Behemoth – Zos Kia Cultus
Solefald – In Harmonia Universali
Fleurety – Min Tid Skall Komme
Ulver – Nattens Madrigal
Ved Buens Ende – Written in Waters
Maudlin of the Well – Leaving your Body Map
Sigh – Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
Gorguts – From Wisdom to Hate

Other Deviations: Mostly an eclectic composer/multi-instrumentalist when I’m not busy being a wage slave. Said wages go toward devouring entire discographies in a single purchase.

Thrives in: An Opera House, a concert hall, right next to the left PA monitor without earplugs, inches away from the stereo. Wherever the noise is coming from.

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A. E. Fraser

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Åsa Septikemi

Origin: Scania, Sweden

All ears: Sarkom, Kongh, Orcustus, Enslaved, Coven, Furze, Origin, Ljå, Inquisition, Sunn O))), Aura noir, Gorgoroth, and so on and so forth ad absurdum… and White rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Enjoys: evolution and biology, weird tales, photography, oceans, arthropods and vertebrates

One favorite quote out of many: Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. – E.A. Poe

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Dominik Irtenkauf

Origin: Münster, Germany

Connex to music: Grown by extreme metal, then out-grown into classic rock and some underground turntablism, returned to metal and now writing as news editor for Legacy magazine (Germany). Really glad when being able to write on other musical styles as well. Discovery hasn’t been finished yet.

Connex to writing: Started with fanzines at the age of 12, then went over to poetry at the age of 18, quit because missed the metre, got into prose, published some books (one novel that doesn’t reflect the evolution since, was written in 2005 and published in 2009) and now (2010-2011) evolved into essays because of black metal theory.

Connex to metal music: Apart from journalism, serving as a member of Art Militia’s Third Regiment for Hard Music and Literature which is international but actually based in Berlin. Reached so far the rank of a Corporal. http://www.artmilitia.org/

Connex to other interests: Avantgarde movements and occultism – thus founding member of the Orden fuer okkulte Kunst e.V. which is again located in Berlin with branches in Munich and the Neckar-Rhine delta. http://www.okkulte-kunst.de/ Then pretty much literature (philosophical essays, prose and poetry), but please don’t bother me with theatre! More fond of the silent literature.

Connex to AGM: Done an interview with Korovakill on their return to music and then Christof talked me into a series on black metal theory which I am happy to deliver.

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Marco Guerra Avitabile

Origin: born and raised in ancient Pompei, now living in Tuscany.

Functions in society: european literature/languages and cultural publishing student. guitar in VERSIONS (versions4you.bandcamp.com). cook.

Psychic Inclinations: future, realization, creativity, search for confidence, sense of reality, primary istincts. life’s concrete aspects.

Most troubling fields: social ethics, tradition, culture

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Glenn Doom

Location: Seattle

Music: Good music of any genre influences me. And by good music I mean thoughtful, intelligent, and performed by talented artists. This supposedly rigid criteria generally omits most mainstream music.

I am an awesome guitar player. I am a new father. I love metal.

Diehard old school Megadeth and Metallica fan. I also love Leviathan. Type O Negative gets me going, too, which infuriates some of my more necro friends. The Twilight album with Xasthur and Leviathan and such has some good moments. Wolves in The Throne Room: yes, please. Virus and the VBE and Inferno and pretty much everything Czral does is cool. I also really like Shellac, Zeni Geva, The Jesus Lizard and basically anything Steve Albini produces or performs on. Om and Sleep rock really hard. Burning Witch and Sunn O))) and Boris are sweet. Final Fantasy Tactics on PS is a great game.

Occupation: Dinner cook, prep cook, dishwasher, and professional mop attendant at www.piesandpints.com, Journalism student in limbo.

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Settlement: Bamberg (Franconia/Germany)

Possessed by: All kinds of dark, negative and lunatic soundscapes, especially: Elend, Phelios, Desiderii Marginis, Aborym, Korova (-kill), Tsatthoggua, Adversam, Arcturus, Polygon, Horna, Abigor and last but not least the mighty Lunar Aurora (R.I.P.)

Houellebecq, Kleist, Kundera, Schlink

Any kind of emotional and physical ecstasy

Personal doom: The Umbersun

Purpose in life: Sound-wizard of the German Black Metal
collective Membaris.

Searching for: A bracket to slow down

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Adam McAuley

Origin: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (I currently reside in Sudbury, Ontario and have been most of my life)

Musical Preferences: Thrash, traditional and death metal, progressive rock, some classic rock

Top Metal Albums:
Slayer – Reign in Blood
Carcass – Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
Judas Priest – Sad Wings of Destiny
Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime
Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind
Metallica – Master of Puppets
Enslaved – Vertebrae
Entombed – Left Hand Path
Megadeth – Rust in Peace
Cynic – Focus

…and many others

Other deviations: Writing, Reading, Playing video games, Some sports

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Interests: Science fiction, Buddha-nature, Dakinis, and the sounds of the universe.

Favorite Genres: Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Religious Choir, Industrial, Psytrance.


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Can Baskent

Origin: Istanbul, Turkey

Lives: New York

Why’d you need to know anything about me? Maybe, I don’t exist at all. Just read what I had to say…


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Kevin Reichel

Origin: Some sleepy village, Germany

Some of the bands I like most: Stolen Babies, Unexpect, Tactile Gemma, Atrox, Ayin Aleph (I prefer female singers!)

Music: Everything that is different, unique and outstanding.

Possessed by: All kinds of art like music, movies, photography, painting, poetry and writing. Everything that is extreme, extremely dark, extremely bright and so on…

Always remember: Better fear a lover scorned!

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David Sano

Origin: Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Favorite Albums:
Kayo Dot – Choirs of the Eye
Intronaut – Prehistoricisms
The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Worse than Alone
Strapping Young Lad – Alien
Dälek – From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
Lantlôs – Agape
Ephel Duath – Pain Necessary to Know
Ulver – Perdition City

Interests: Music, Film, Literature, Writing, Homebrewing, Drumming.

Likes Metal Because:
There is a certain emotional honesty and musical fearlessness to it. Metal is not afraid to say what it wants to say, usually in the loudest voice possible.

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Origin: Austria

Musical references: Musical

Top 10 artists:
1. Hans Moser
2. Meshuggah
3. Peccatum
4. Genghis Tron
5. Camel
6. Necrophagist
7. Elend
8. Beneath the Massacre
9. Skitsystem
10. Karel Gott

Other Deviations: Tristwood

Thrives in: a car.

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Headquarters: Fairbanks, Alaska

Contributions to Avantgarde-Metal.com

C. L. Edwards

Standing in: Simi Valley, CA

Id: Musky autumn wind, open space, abandoned things, horizon ignition, taiga, lycanthropy, cold candleglow, sapphire heavens, lightless movement, eccentricity

Hearing: Opeth, Ulver, Akercocke, Katatonia, Meshuggah, Blut Aus Nord, Virus, Ved Buens Ende, Enslaved, Dodheimsgard, Abigor, and many more fine institutions of sylvan alloy experiments

Soundsmithing: Aurorum www.myspace.com/aurorum1

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Maxwell Rock

Here are what I does mang

Smattering of My Top Albums:
Windir – Arntor
Diabolical Masquerade – Death’s Design
Bathory – Hammerheart
Hirilorn – Legends of Evil and Eternal Death
Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth, Ambient 1, Before and After Science
Deathspell Omega – Fas
Absu – Tara
Burzum – Det Som Engang Var
Mark Mothersbaugh – Muzik For Insomniaks
Lykathea Aflame – Elvenfris

Films: Wild Strawberries, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Possession (1981), Dead Alive, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Belly of an Architect, Fanny and Alexander, Rosemary’s Baby, The Wages of Fear, The Life Aquatic, Spirited Away, Altered States, Ordet

Also, I’m a writer/editor for www.grampspantheon.wordpress.com

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location: Hungary
into: – literature (especially the avantgarde pioneers like Paul Éluard, Vladimir Mayakovski, Apollinaire, Lajos Kassák and I adore also godlike writings of Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell, J. D. Salinger, Albert Camus, Dezs? Tandori, etc.)
– existentialism and other philosophical methods
– weird music
– life
favourite quotations: -“What matters is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog”
-“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” /Anne Frank – 1929-1945)

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Origin: Athens, Greece, the birthplace of demonocracy

Musical references: Beyond control. Post rock/metal/hardcore/crust, doom, intelligent BM, industrial, noise rock, avant garde, jazz, soul, funk, blues, etc. Literally everything genious, honest & crazy enough to stimulate devotion.

Top 3 artists: Neurosis, Faith no more, Pink Floyd.

Activities: bass in The Brightly Shining Sea www.myspace.com/thebbsea

Other deviations: Cinema, reading, history, politics & philosophy, chess, soccer.

Thrives in: Mainly the streets, but also in every concert the wallet may support.

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Camille Giraudeau

french fuck fear loathing counterpoints sound design hope love absurd disharmonies harmonies bittersweet vertigos the infinite the unknown knows miaou ved buens ende dodheimsgard coil meubeuveu witch hunt one foot blast beats radical dreams of the drowned kuschelrock smohalla jaga slint stagnant water pryapisme chrono trigger zach hill poledo substrata geoff barrow lurker of chalice disco volante killing joke jeromes dream mantras auditive bliss voivod black holes mushroomclouds poupoutzes résiliences love guilt realities simple truths half visible presences boeuf bourguignons raclettes miam printemps eyelids araignées du soir miettes longue putain de vie dont panic

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Melt Kruger

Spawned in the deepest, darkest heart of Africa, Melt spends his days masquerading as a writer, while ravenously devouring the weird, wonderful and woefully obscure.

Currently on rotation:

Ulver – Perdition City
DHG – A Umbra Omega
Moondog – Moondog
Coil – Astral Disaster
Oxbow – Fuckfest
Bohren und der Club of Gore – Noir Jazz
Borknagar – Quintessence
Manes – Be All End All
Diamanda Galas – The Divine Punishment

And remember kids, like Charles Bukowski said, “Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.”

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Allen Griffin

Allen Griffin is a writer and musician living in Indianapolis. He is the bassist for Coffinworm (Profound Lore) and Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity (Gilead Media). He has published two chapbooks with Dunhams Manor Press and published both fiction and non-fiction in several other cool places.

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Origin: Wiesbaden, Germany

Favorite composers/bands: Ulver, Pan-Thy-Monium, Beethoven, Arcturus, Dissection, Tchaikovsky, Benoit Jutras (Cirque du Soleil), Enslaved, Woods of Ypres, Slayer and many more…

Other deviations: Musician, Military History, Astronomy, Photography, Philosophy, Reading, Writing etc…
One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see fine pictures, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Origin: U.S. (New York City)

Music: Some of my favorite bands of all time include Emperor, Metallica (the real early material), Iron Maiden, Enslaved, Lunar Aurora, Agalloch, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Celtic Frost, and more recently, Ruins of Beverast, Valborg, Triptykon, Wolves in the Throne Room.

Authors: Some favorites include Cormac McCarthy, Ernest Hemingway, Tolkien, Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Dan Simmons, Stephen Baxter.

Miscellaneous: Founding member and guitarist/vocalist/composer for Enmerkar, addicted to anything atmospheric, epic and dark, science geek, nature-lover.

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Matthew Kinne

Origin: Syracuse, NY, United States

My Love: Caitlin, philosophy, early 90’s deathmetal, basement blackmetal, puppies and kitties, and my music (Time Under Earth).

My life would not be the same without metal. Metal has fostered within me a spirit of independance, and a desire for constant understanding. Through metal I find calm spirit, and an honest perspective that has always taken away the pain, fired up the synapses and brought out the center.

Contributions to Avantgarde-Metal.com

mang tsze

Contributions to Avantgarde-Metal.com

Andreas Müller

From: South germany

Music: Powermetal, Progressive Metal, Melodic Deathmetal, Symphonic Metal, Contemporary mixtures of Irish/Celtic and Popular Music (Enya, Celtic Woman), Classical Music

Profession: Student of computational linguistics

Other activities: Tenor vocals in various choirs, playing organ and keyboard, composing songs and instrumentals, writing poems, playing video games

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