Acherontas “Vamachara” (2011)

11. March 2021 Asa Septikemi 0

Vamachara is a term derived from Sanskrit referring to the Left-hand path, and will from now on also refer to the third full-length of Greece’s ACHERONTAS. The band in turn have adopted the name after […]


Solstorm “Solstorm” (2011)

15. July 2020 Asa Septikemi 0

SOLSTORM consists of a versatile blend of people with backgrounds in both black/death metal constellations to more ambient- and noise-related acts. They released an EP in 2009 which contained some of the backbone to what’s […]


O:68 “Elend” (2011)

21. June 2020 Asa Septikemi 0

o.68 is a shorter version of the full name Odpörovät 1968, and if you put this word minus the number into the almighty Google translate you will notice that this is Czech for “resist”. Recalling […]


Mord’A’Stigmata “Ansia” (2013)

16. June 2020 Asa Septikemi 0

Polish Mord’A’Stigmata are back with “Ansia”, which is their third full-length and that is released through Pagan Records. This album is in many ways a huge leap from the previous “Antimatter” and the black metal […]

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