Plutonium “Devilmentertainment Non-Stop” (2011)

PLUTONIUM began as many others do, with a few members and a demo. Proceeding with the first full-length One Size Fits All, and as a one-man piece, the man behind it all is J. Carlsson determinedly has worked PLUTONIUM towards the now self-released album Devilmentertainment Non-Stop. Hitting you straight on, it begins in a faster-than-the-light way, and immediately provide hints that will make you think of for example ANAAL NATHRAKH. The guitars are very well-played with a nice, fuzzy and crunchy sound, the programmed drums are well-fitted for their purpose, and the bass is neither taking up too much or too little space. The title song Devilmentertainment Non-Stop takes you on a roller coaster-like ride through cold steel chambers, and claustrophobic environments somewhat in the atmosphere of THORNS, MYSTICUM and the likes. J. Carlsson builds up many of PLUTONIUM’s songs on a solid and assimilative base, and are very fundamental yet experimental in their polish. In the midst of a reliable riff you may find yourself in a sudden buzz of crazy synthesizers (such as in the song with the phenomenal name Unintelligent Design) or samplings (as in Zero Swarm). As a contrast it also contains creations very much different from this, such as the change into the pompous form of Peace keeper, and judging from the sound this would be a peace keeper of autocracy and not of anything amiable, which is a core concept of most of the lyrical content as well. The feeling of being choked is also efficiently projected by the 2 minute long Det Döda Exemplets Makt. And this is what gives Devilmentertainment Non-Stop its cherry on the top, and what makes PLUTONIUM different from the references mentioned earlier. The song titles are very divergent, cynical and witty (if you allow me to say so) from many bands in the same genre (I would very much like to smell the scent of Nuclear War Incense!), and probably not made to please a crowd with and orthodox view of acceptable words and sentences. What it all boils down to in the end is that Devilmentertainment Non-Stop is like a cold and hostile machine that keeps on going regardless of you and your human feelings, and it is actually quite delightful.



Release:  13.07.2011
Label:  Self-release
Avantgenre:  Industrial Black Metal
Duration:  47:19
Origin:  Sweden
Official site:
Review online since:  13.09.2011 / 18:54:30


01 – A Tribute To The Tools Of The Cosmic Abortionist
02 – Devilmentertainment Non-Stop
03 – Peace Keeper
04 – The MIsery King
05 – Unintelligent Design
06 – Zero Swarm
07 – Nuclear War Incense
08 – Det Doda Exemplets Makt (Two Minute Hate Part II)
09 – Hell Is All Around

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