Primordial “Imrama” Re-release (2009)

30. June 2020 AGMHQ 0

The second re-release of Primordial’s strong debut has obviously been done with nostalgic empathy for this back then truly avant-garde music and is surely worth its money if you’re not familiar with this classic record […]


Primordial “To the Nameless Dead” (2007)

30. June 2020 James Slone 0

The best Primordial album since “A Journey’s End,” “To the Nameless Dead” celebrates all the band’s best traits with considerable class and intelligence. Class and intelligence are hard to come by these days, especially with […]


Preludium “Redemption” (2014)

30. June 2020 David Sano 0

It’s safe to say that Heavy Metal and spirituality have a complicated relationship. Generally, metallists tend to skew dark, focusing on grim themes like torment, guilt, misery, suffering, torture, purgatory, hellfire, war, and religious atrocities. […]


Pin-Up Went Down “2 Unlimited” (2008)

30. June 2020 revon 0

Pin-Up Went Down are a new French duo…- let it start at the beginning. The whole story started with a myspace friend request. Nowadays I’m getting tired of them due to the continuous indie bands’ […]

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