Organ “7”” EP (2009)

22. June 2020 Adryuu 0

What have we here… 3 tracks -two songs and an interlude- comprising an EP which takes 3 seconds less than 13 minutes to introduce the listener in uncharted spaces and back to the real world… […]


Orb Seven “.ismos” (2014)

22. June 2020 David Sano 0

The idea of “outer space” often has a calming effect on heavy metal music. How does one stay bitter in the face of such profound distance and emptiness – such total absence of anything earthly […]


Opeth “Blackwater Park” (2001)

22. June 2020 Adam McAuley 0

This album sees the band further refining their styling to the point where they become almost second nature to the band. It features slightly less of the jazzy excursions one would have found on Still Life and […]


Opeth “Watershed” (2008)

22. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

There’s no obvious reason for reviewing a not really new album by Opeth on this page, isn’t it? We all know: nowadays Opeth just sounds like Opeth, and if Opeth creates a record it’s more […]


Opeth “Orchid” (1995)

22. June 2020 C. L. Edwards 0

Fallen leaves crackle beneath determined steps through an October aurora of forest on the edge of a rolling, sunset-painted field with a single, ancient dead tree that sends the soul above a cloudy azure abyss; […]


Open “Still Life” (1999)

There should have been way more e||–3—–3——3——3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-1–|| B||–1——1—–1——1—-1—-1—-1—-1—-1—-10—1–|| G||–2——4—–4——0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-01—0–|| D||–3——4—–2——0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-01—0–|| A||–3——3—–4——2—-2—-2—-2—-2—-2—-2—-2–|| E||–1——————-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3–||   But I am glad there is not too much of c|x—————|—————-| h|–x-x-x-x-x-x-x-|x-x-x-x-x——-| s|—-o——-o—|—-o—–oooooo| b|o-o—o-o—–o-|–o—o———| which sounded more like The Scorpions than anything else I’ve […]

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