Omainen “Routes to Nowhere” (2009)

A pretty straightforward avant-garde type of metal is performed by Omainen and it features some slight tips of the hat to other groups like Arcturus and even Psychotic Waltz. There’s a slight quirky vibe that takes over with some off the wall riffing bringing them into their own territories unkown though they have a feel of being thrown back to the classics of metal as well with some traditional sounds. This conglomeration of styles does pretty well to form a niche for the band who have quite a distinctive tone. The music isn’t the most exciting you’ll ever hear, but manages to raise a pulse within the listener through the crafting of some pretty imaginative patterns. I don’t think we’ve seen the full potential of this band through these four tracks alone, so I’m slightly more anxious to see what they’d do on an album of full length.

Still, the band manage to get the point across that they’re open to verging into some strange territories along with the straight up vibe they manage to throw at you so well. A standout track to be found is “Shifting Sight” which has just an interesting enough flavour to enrapture you in its web. The band manage to create just enough different auras to bring you into their mix as effectively as possible. Again, the rather short length of the disc stops the compelling thoughts they have from perhaps coming to their full focus and I’m really open to hearing what else the band would deliver if their adventurous sounds were allowed to breathe even slightly more.

Overall, this has enough style and good performing to keep one captivated, but I’d be excited to see them push their sound even further into avant-garde territories. Also, an upping of the amount of passion put into their sound might increase its quality even further.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  June 30, 2009
Label:  Demo
Avantgenre:  Traditional Spacey Avantgarde
Duration:  19:50
Origin:  France
Official site:  None
Review online since:  01.09.2009 / 18:50:52


1 – Nebulous Nexus
2 – Cosmic Maze
3 – Shifting Sight
4 – Inner Space – Outer Void

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