Psychotic Waltz “A Social Grace” (1990)

1. July 2020 Adam McAuley 0

Progressive metal in the vein of early Fates Warning is what’s on display here and the band deliver and incredibly unique work. Winding riffs surround their ideas as Psychotic Waltz effectively deliver their ideas to the audience. The amount […]


Opeth “Blackwater Park” (2001)

22. June 2020 Adam McAuley 0

This album sees the band further refining their styling to the point where they become almost second nature to the band. It features slightly less of the jazzy excursions one would have found on Still Life and […]


Mr. Bungle “Mr. Bungle” (1991)

16. June 2020 Adam McAuley 0

An outstanding melding of different styles is to be found here that set the tone for the different experimentation they would continue to undergo on their following releases. There is a decidedly funky style to […]


In the Woods… “Omnio” (1997)

7. June 2020 Adam McAuley 0

A work of emotional beauty is capable of being crafted by this band, who hold such a great sway over their trajectories on Omnio. They are able to put together orchestral sounds that are difficult to […]


Escher’s Knot “Tessellations” (2010)

1. June 2018 Adam McAuley 0

Escher’s Knot play a style that is familiar to some metal that’s already out there, yet maintains its own identity. They perform a progressive thrash style that relies largely on pummeling riffs and disjointed tempos.Tessellations draws from […]

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