Spiral Architect “A Sceptic’s Universe” (2000)

An incredibly complicated work, this is the type of stuff that will take your breath away from you. The riffs hop up and down uncontrollably crafting what is difficult to keep track of overall. Spiral Architect have the ability to numb your mind with everything that’s going on as well. They go on all sorts of tangents showing what kinds of acrobatics are capable of being fabricated by a mere band.

One could question this material as being over-indulgent easily because it doesn’t stay within a general scheme of things mostly. If you try and piece together all the individual parts yourself you might make more sense of all that’s on offer here. “Insect” is a highlight of a track here with its theatrics and addictive nature. It’s difficult to become attached to the songs here, but you become slightly entranced by portions to build up a liking of them. The difficulty in putting together the album can be part of its fun as it takes time to grow and appreciate fully.

A Sceptic’s Universe is the kind of work that will take effort to like a certain amount, but its well worth the ride for those that are interested. At the moment, this is the band’s only album and I still can’t wait to see what else they’re capable of producing. This could be the start of an outstanding career hopefully. Still, A Sceptic’s Universe is a highly recommended album for the moment and towards those that are interested in complex music.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  2000
Label:  Sensory Records
Avantgenre:  Technical Progressive Avantgarde
Duration:  43:49
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  None
Review online since:  11.03.2009 / 01:16:32


01 – Spinning
02 – Excessit
03 – Moving Spirit
04 – Occam’s Razor
05 – Insect
06 – Cloud Constructor
07 – Conjuring Collapse
08 – Adaptability
09 – Fountainhead

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