Primordial “The Gathering Wilderness” (2005)

An emotionally charged display is always in full force with Primordial. They share there density of their sound with that of the wilderness from the title of their album. The songs pierce your thoughts with their amount of passion and bring you into another world created only by Primordial. The sound of the band is different than a lot of what you’ll hear although you can hear similar excursions in texture and thoughtfulness by Opeth, for example. The title track “The Gathering Wilderness” features a brilliant intro and slowly enfolds into a beautiful song. The remainder of the tracks maintain a consistent quality that is always pleasing to listen to. The songs always maintain excitement during their constant twists and turns.

Even though the album isn’t a full out display of technical prowess all the time, you will certainly not find yourself bored at all. Part of the beauty of the album is in the ability to meld the subtle with the intense in a seamless fashion. When all is said and done I enjoy this album perhaps even slightly more than the To the Nameless Dead, which is also an excellent work. There seems to be a slightly more epic vibe to what’s present on this and it makes the songs simply majestic to listen to.

It really seems like the textures that are present in the wilderness in the natural world are able to convey themselves into the disc and add spirit to the recording. The band is avant garde because of the little elements they add to bring the disc to an esoteric plane that is very exciting to listen to. The Gathering Wilderness is an all around excellent album that should be listened to by anyone craving a well performed and conceived metal album.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  February 2005
Label:  Metal Blade Records
Avantgenre:  Atmospheric Celtic Avant-Garde Metal
Duration:  59:33
Origin:  Ireland
Official site:  None
Review online since:  27.01.2010 / 19:31:47


1 – The Golden Spiral
2 – The Gathering Wilderness
3 – The Song Of The Tomb
4 – End Of All Times
5 – The Coffin Ships
6 – Tragedy’s Birth
7 – Cities Carved In Stone

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