Project: Failing Flesh “The Conjoined” (2007)

First, I must say, I would not consider this Avantgarde Metal. The promo of this album was sent to me, and I figured I might as well be so kind as to not completely ignore it. It is a DIGIpack, and anyone using that format for promos deserves respect. Respect the DIGI. Ok, so what is this? Project: Failing Flesh began as a project (no shit!) incipiated multimusicians Tim Gutierrez and Kevin 131 (respect anyone with numbers in their pseudonym). It wasn’t until they found their vocalist in Eric Forrester they became an all- out metal band. Forrester you might remember from Voivod’s mid-90’s hit albums Phobos and Negatron. (Even though I’ve only listened to early Voivod, I can clearly see how this fellow would be fitting for those whacky Canadians’ special sound, regardless of decade.)

The Conjoined is what I would describe somewhere in the line of “modern progressive thrash metal”, at least this is what I hope modern thrash actually sounds like rather than the crap they serve me on Headbanger’s Ball. It covers a bunch of odd beats and all that big mushy riffs that probably would work awesome onstage. Some parts bring my thoughts to King Diamond’s heavier moments, some to Voivod, and a bunch to Meshuggah (shit figures, who doesn’t play Meshuggah riffs these days?). During the first spin, the end of one track reminded me of Arcturus’ Deception Genesis. Just so you know. And for some reason, I come to think of that penultimate Mörk Gryning album, Primal Pieces Of Expressionism. Don’t ask me why, though.

This is clearly a studio band, with long drum&bass breaks and the like. And a trumpet! Yeah, that I like. And some strings, I think they had a violinist and a cellist appearing here and there. And what about tribally drumming under some clean vocals plus a rumbling Hammond? Snazzy. And somewhat chaotic. One of the finer pieces on the album; the title track actually. Forrester is a fab vocalist too, with quite a range, both clean and growling (mostly the latter and in this case I’m grateful for that).

You might notice my writing here being rather uninteresting and colloquial. That is what this album deserves. Some tracks have some fine metal moments, but they could have stopped recording after track 6 (a fascinating instrumental with the strings mentioned above). After that, I’m just bored. A good metal album, with fancy progressive leanings, but that’s it. Maybe I would discover an unheard layer if I delved deeper into it, but my schedule is too tight for that. Now go ahead and read about something that really is avantgardistic. This ain’t.



Release:  March 2007
Label:  Burning Star Records
Avantgenre:  ProgThrashMetal
Duration:  39:47
Origin:  USA
Official site:
Review online since:  30.09.2007 / 13:12:26


01. Final Act Of Treachery
02. Through The Broken Lens
03. Regenerate
04. The Conjoined
05. Motionless
06. Unsight Unseen
07. Eve Of Demise
08. Synesthesia
09. Second Impact Syndrome
10. Surface Noise
11. The Hand That You’ve Been Dealt

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