Ephel Duath “The Painters Palette” (2003) Review #2

Horns blare out introducing the chaotic presence that the band are able to portray and they manage to do so with a great effort. The music here is certainly busy and will take a refined mind to fully appreciate all that has to be offered.

Ephel Duath show they are capable of giving us something that will take a little bit of thinking to appreciate and this is something that may take some time to get used to. This is not unusual for thinking man’s music and Ephel Duath certainly fit the bill. A certain frame of mind may need to be taken to completely grasp everything properly. A jazzy nature infects the work’s focus to a slightly frenetic pace. The amount of things on display is slightly difficult to concentrate upon as things need time to put into their proper places.

This makes The Painter’s Pallette an album that you expect to get rewards from over time though as well. One needs to sit through the little difficult parts to try and absorb all that is thrown at them in the best way possible. Overall this is an album that uses patience as a method of governing its ability to win you over.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  2003
Label:  Elitist Records
Avantgenre:  Jazzy Avantgarde
Duration:  46:23
Origin:  Italy
Official site:  None
Review online since:  20.03.2009 / 00:36:36


01 – The Passage (Pearl Grey)
02 – The Unpoetic Circle (Bottle Green)
03 – Labyrinthine (Crimson)
04 – Praha (Ancient Gold)
05 – The Picture (Bordeaux)
06 – Ruins (Deep BLue And Violet)
07 – Ironical Communion (Amber)
08 – My Glassy Shelter (Dirty White)
09 – The Other’s Touch (Amaranth)

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