Ephel Duath “Pain Necessary to Know” (2005)

Two men are sitting on a bench, apparently not knowing each other.

Both of them are dressed up in black smokings.

The first one (A) puts his right leg on top of his left knee.

The second one (B), quickly and nervously gets up from the bench, and starts walking up and

down in front of it.
The first man then lights up a cigarette.

A:“what time is it?”

B:“I don’t smoke, thanks…”

A:“it’s getting late…”

B:“I know something about her.”

A:“did you go to the bathroom?”

Then, the scene cuts into a moving car, at night. The first man is alone, driving. The road is deserted, only roamed by street lamps flashes.

The shot frame closes up on the rearview mirror, reflecting the guy’s right eye and the back, empty seats.

Suddenly, as a neon light cleaves the car, a disarmingly beautiful redhead woman, sitting on the back seats, appears in the mirror, chewing a gum and looking at A.
With her head laying on the back of her seat, and a haughty look on her face, it seems like she’s always been there from the beginning.

The man glimpses at her in the mirror, then smiles mockingly. The word “funny” comes out from his mouth, as he starts to accelerate.


(based on a really dremt dream.)

-Marco Guerra Avitabile


Release:  17.10.2005
Label:  Earache
Avantgenre:  Non Sequitur Music
Duration:  38:12
Origin:  Italy
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/ephelduath
Review online since:  04.11.2010 / 20:21:58


01 – New Disorder
02 – Vector, Third Movement
03 – Pleonasm
04 – Few Stars, No Refrain And A Cigarette
05 – Crystalline Whirl
06 – I Killed Rebecca
07 – Vector
08 – Vector, Second Movement

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