In the Woods… “Omnio” (1997)

A work of emotional beauty is capable of being crafted by this band, who hold such a great sway over their trajectories on Omnio. They are able to put together orchestral sounds that are difficult to match within the course of the album. The ability to course Omnio through with such a variety of ideas, yet maintain a very cohesive template remains a fascinating reason to listen to these guys time and time again.

Of note also is the vocals, which are able to go through a number of high and lows during their progression to create a great sound quite effectively. There is also the nice inclusion of female singing to add an extra dimension to the overall vista. The amount of twists and turns on the album wants to make one compare the band to Opeth, but we can see some slight differences in the two bands approaches. In the Woods… take a bit more of a symphonic style whereas Opeth seem to add a greater variation between heavier and lighter, acoustic sections. Both kinds of music are effective, but in slightly different ways. I think In the Woods… are able to craft more of an overall work with their methods than a collection of pieces like Opeth does and it works to their advantage a lot.

Standout tracks include the breathtaking “Weeping Willow”, although the entirety of the cd is highly worth listening to. A splendid album that everyone should give a listening opportunity to.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  October 14 1997
Label:  Misanthropy Records
Avantgenre:  Atmospheric Symphonic Progressive Avantgarde
Duration:  1:03:08
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  None
Review online since:  16.06.2009 / 20:49:32


01 – 299 766 Km/s
02 – I Am Your Flesh
03 – Kairos!
04 – Weeping Willow
05 – Omnio? – Pre
06 – Omnio? – Bardo
07 – Omnio? – Post

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