Manimalism “Manimalism” (2014)

14. June 2020 Lefteris K. 0

MANIMALISM is the bizarre entity that has risen from the ashes of TAARENES VAAR (formed in 1992) having only produced two demos, dating back in 1996 and 1997 before falling into obscurity. Kim Sølve’s (the […]


Ihsahn “Das Seelenbrechen” (2013)

6. June 2020 Lefteris K. 0

Ihsahn is a man that needs no introduction, especially in within the (black) metal realms. His solo project picks up from the progressive pathway he had stopped with Emperor’s Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & […]


Virus “Oblivion Clock” (2012)

20. May 2018 Lefteris K. 0

VIRUS has always been a rather unpredictable proposition and Oblivion Clock is no different, bringing minimal and concentrated playing, the one the band is precisely known for, into its maximum, further experimental status. A frantic, […]


Deranged “Morgue Orgy” (2013)

20. May 2018 Lefteris K. 0

Brutal death metal-legends Deranged, hailing from Malmö, Sweden, are still ripping flesh, breaking bones and eating brains like it’s still the 90s. With the newly added Anders Johansson on guts, they just released, ‘Morgue Orgy’ […]

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