Throane “Derrière-nous, La Lumière” (2016)

Throane is the newest musical offering of the well-known visual artist and musician Dehn Sora, whose debut album was released this past May through Debemur Morti Productions, entitled Derrière-nous, la lumière. As a keen follower of both the label and the artist behind this project, this release instantly caught my attention. In regards to the project’s strange name, in a recent interview, Dehn Sora revealed that the name of this new musical vessel comes of a combination of the words “Throne” and “Throat”, inspired by the phrase: “Throat is the Throne of every knots”. At the same time, it also means “Tear” in a Flemish dialect, so I think he couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate name than this, to accompany his own take of dissonant, post (black) metal.

In its musical side, Derrière-nous, la lumière is equally thought-out and well executed. It is a short and cohesive album, with all of its components serving a single, unified vision. The harrowing, atmospheric black metal essence of the album, can be easily given if one listens to any individual song alone, but it is the whole body of music that needs to be experienced, in order to let the album truly unveil the bleak atmosphere it evokes, and take you to its darkest depths. The riffs are mostly always a cataclysmic rain of dissonant, tremolo picked riffs, a pattern used in every song of the album. Of course, this pattern does not come off as a sign of lack of inspiration; it is but a leitmotif, necessary to the torturing nature of the album; a repetitive, grueling way that resonates with the inner demons that may be hidden within.

The more time you spend with this album, the more you realize, there is a lot of depth and variety to the riffs; the pace is often varied, but the album’s dramatic feel is effective at any time. The intervening ambient/drone sections work not only as atmospheric passages that carry the darkness and relieve the intensity of the riffs, but also as breathers between each section. The vocals are nothing but desolate cries striving to be heard, desperate screams of pain and despair.

All the above make Derrière-nous, la lumière a profound and esoteric experience, one that –as the album’s title suggests- leaves all light behind. It is definitely one of the most interesting releases of the year for me and a great company during long, nighttime contemplations.

– Lefteris Kefalas


Release:  27.5.2016
Label:  Debemur Morti Productions
Avantgenre:  A Pure Injection Of Desolation
Duration:  32 Minutes
Origin:  France
Official site:  http://
Review online since:  13.08.2016 / 12:16:33


01 – Sortez Vos Lames, Que Nous Perdions Nos Poings
02 – Aussi Féroces Que Nous Repentons
03 – Derrière-nous, La Lumière
04 – Un Instant Dans Une Torche
05 – Contre Terre
06 – Nous Blâmons La Tempête De Nous Avoir Laissés En Plaies
07 – A Cette Chute

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