Du “Risk & Investment” (2010)

16. March 2021 Adryuu 1

DU, formerly known as Det är Jag som är Döden (Däjsäd), have been haunting my ears (as DU), since their ‘Softness’ single appeared. I was a big fan of Däjsäd, and I was looking forward to hear something new by these […]


Organ “7”” EP (2009)

22. June 2020 Adryuu 0

What have we here… 3 tracks -two songs and an interlude- comprising an EP which takes 3 seconds less than 13 minutes to introduce the listener in uncharted spaces and back to the real world… […]


Latitudes “Agonist” (2009)

13. June 2020 Adryuu 0

Wild, desolate and silent natural passages unfold and evolve when Myth Cathexis begins to roar. Be it the solemn giantness of a great canyon with its dry heat, or the crystal whispering of a waterfall disturbing the […]


Karaboudjan “Sbrodj” (2001)

12. June 2020 Adryuu 0

Sbrodj is a region of the fictional kingdom of Syldavia. There is a shuttle base in that region or something, I think, from where Tintin took a trip to the Moon. There, in the Moon, is where Dan Swanö must have […]


Fluoryne “Dämmerung” (2009)

4. June 2020 Adryuu 0

The lights turn dim and we hear a voice that introduces us into a darkness just about to take off like a space shuttle when the first riff appears. It fits perfectly with the dark […]


Fleurety “Evoco Bestias” (2010)

4. June 2020 Adryuu 0

Will try to be as brief as this 7” is (7 minutes worth of briefness). Fleurety continue their “ep plan” they started with the previous one, Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis, with the difference that this new ep […]


Ekpyrosis “Weisse Nacht” (2013)

1. June 2018 Adryuu 0

At first I didn’t get it. Change. The second album was a big change, and this one is as well, again. Yet, Ekpyrosis here present what they’ve been doing all along, more or less, only […]


Vena “Nomadic” (2010)

18. May 2018 Adryuu 0

Vena are newcomers to an already much populated world, that of sludge, post metal and whatever you call those bands. The fact is that I welcome them with their personal approach and innovation in the field, […]


Yurei “Night Vision” (2012)

8. May 2018 Adryuu 0

Every reader should know about Bjeima by now. He is the only person behind Yurei and Alfa Obscura, and he also did session bass for the recordings of Virus’ The Agent that Shapes the Desert. He has […]

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