Fleurety “Evoco Bestias” (2010)

Will try to be as brief as this 7” is (7 minutes worth of briefness). Fleurety continue their “ep plan” they started with the previous one, Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis, with the difference that this new ep has actually new music for the first time since a lot (ten years at least), so we have been awaiting this for some time.

This new ep-thing iteration (more eps will come, by the way), features new music indeed, but it sounds a lot like the previous ep, which comprises two re-recordings of older tracks. First and foremost, the new track Animal of the City sounds a lot like Fleurety in the nineties remade, but it’s actually a new song. Mostly raw and atmospheric, with a delicately blurred production, too clean for the black metal of the nineties but too harsh for today’s standards, just like Ekpyrosis’ debut album or Eljudner’s last ep to name recent examples, maybe dirtier, crunchier (I really like this sound after some plays). The melodies in this song are somewhat weird, and remind me of Min Tid Skal Komme, sorrowful and angered melodies that sound really nice, that sound really Fleurety-ish. Later, the song has some female chants embedded, and the niceness of the melodies gets trully enhanced. Beautiful black metal like the most beautiful one, without synths or much arrangements. Well, this ep may not be as dull or bland as it seems at first listen, as someone expecting something really avantgarde might think.

The other song in the ep, Summon the beasts, which can be streamed in myspace with a lot worse quality, is my favourite one out of the two that are included on Evoco Bestias. It starts with an hypnotic riff, pounding like a slow march of soldiers in heavy armor. The soothing rythm is lead by the voice: this song is entirely sung by the lady Ayna B. Johansen, who might be remembered from the Last Minute Lies ep, and she brings a really nice touch to the music. Her voice makes the invocation of b(r)easts* drift through the music in an evocative way, and she also adds variety to the two riffs that the song comprises, at first. Then, there’s an unexpected but smart switch in the song, the mood changes completely and we have hints of female-fronted punk-core fantasy or whatever, the fact is that I just love the very end of the song, it’s great, thanks to Ayna and to the unexpected in the music.

Was I brief enough? No, but you and I already knew that as soon as I mentioned it. Anyway, the metaphore here is that, while the ep lasts for very few minutes of your life, if you grant it more and more time of yours, you will probably end up relishing it more and more. At least I do.

about 2:22 of that song, when it gets the nastiest, imagine a pair of boobs dancing to the crazy toms. Does the song get better? Sure. Or maybe not. After all, this ep is about the beast in men, so why not about the breast in women, too? Maybe.



Release:  2010
Label:  Aesthetic Death Records
Avantgenre:  Feral Child Metal
Duration:  7 Minutes
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/fleurety
Review online since:  25.11.2010 / 17:45:04


– Summon The Beasts
– Animal Of The City

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