Pavor Nocturnus “Diazepam” (2008)

24. June 2020 Suleiman 0

The band picture was not promising, but the cover was so here goes : A poignant sample opens up the proceeding, leading into a frantic attack of state-of-art 21st century electro-metal. The synths are all […]


P.H.O.B.O.S. “Anoedipal” (2008)

24. June 2020 AGMHQ 0

Something about the packaging warned of the cataclysm contained therein. The digi-pack is adorned with dark and subtle artwork, and the inside art features a disturbing miasma of styles, that lends to the overall disquieting […]


Oxiplegatz “Worlds and Worlds” (1996)

22. June 2020 Bernd 0

After his activities in THE GROTESQUE and AT THE GATES, Alf Svensson decided to work with some previously unreleased material, which ended in the albums of OXIPLEGATZ (named after a creature in a Donald Duck […]


Oxiplegatz “Sidereal Journey” (1998)

22. June 2020 James Slone 0

“Sidereal Journey” is the third, final, and best album from Oxiplegatz, Alf Svensson’s short lived post At the Gates solo project. It’s a strange little album, with outsized ambition, comprised of one epic song divided […]


Origin “Echoes of Decimation” (2005)

22. June 2020 Suleiman 0

(Warning : This record is definitely not for the faint of heart, and although being as progressive and original as metal can get, it’s still very much a brutal death metal album) After the mind-bending […]

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