Volkmar “Blessed Sins” (2008)

21. May 2018 Suleiman 0

First of all, first things first. I am not going to be comparing this “proper” album with its self-released predecessor, Overture Macabre (which was a pretty decent release in its own right), as though they […]


Divine Temptation “Sin” (2008)

11. May 2018 Suleiman 0

Upon a tip, I checked out the band’s debut available for free download at their site and found it an ambitious progressive minded piece of heavy metal, that was overreaching in ambition yet showed great […]


Whalesong “Filth” (2011)

10. May 2018 Suleiman 0

Ugly, loud and proud like its 1989 again, this is a far cry from what usually passes as industrial or electro-metal in this day and age. It completely eschews slick synths, breakbeats, melodies and commercial […]

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