Red Ankh “13:17:30” (2009)

4. July 2020 Suleiman 0

Strange stuff that shows its ugly dysfunctional teeth from the beginning. and if you consider the fact that this is mostly electronica related, you know its going to be positively insane. It is, but in […]


Pavor Nocturnus “Diazepam” (2008)

24. June 2020 Suleiman 0

The band picture was not promising, but the cover was so here goes : A poignant sample opens up the proceeding, leading into a frantic attack of state-of-art 21st century electro-metal. The synths are all […]


Origin “Echoes of Decimation” (2005)

22. June 2020 Suleiman 0

(Warning : This record is definitely not for the faint of heart, and although being as progressive and original as metal can get, it’s still very much a brutal death metal album) After the mind-bending […]

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