Fields of the Nephilim “Elizium” (1990)

4. June 2020 Suleiman 0

This is humongous milestone in the world of dark rock/ metal music. The reverberations are still felt today, every time someone combines darkness and aggression with dreamy landscapes. At first, I was thinking of reviewing […]


F.P.G.S. “Am Abgrund” (2007)

3. June 2020 Suleiman 0

This has been one of the sickest ugliest and most depressing albums I have heard in the last few years. Whether it’s the concept, the execution or some combination thereof, I don’t know. All I […]


El Schlong “Time / Place” (2011)

1. June 2018 Suleiman 0

It’s been almost three years since these globe-hopping Newzealanders graced us with an album. Lest you forget, it was the critically acclaimed “The Baddies are Coming.” Now that your memory has been revived, let me […]


Volkmar “Blessed Sins” (2008)

21. May 2018 Suleiman 0

First of all, first things first. I am not going to be comparing this “proper” album with its self-released predecessor, Overture Macabre (which was a pretty decent release in its own right), as though they […]

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