Satanochio “I Am Satanochio” (2006)

One thing that I have to get off my chest before going on to the review: Please include the lyric sheet, even in a promo copy. If it was jazz album or even a trip-hop record this would not be necessary, but for a metal or hardcore album this is a big part of the package. It really adds to the musical experience and often helps provide a thematic background to the whole thing. Now that the bitching is out of the way, let’s get on to the review.

Blazing out of Romania, we have some seriously angry and brutal black / death metal which has a number of things going for it: catchy songwriting in terms of vocal sections and riffing structures, as well as an anthemic quality to most of the material which is imperative if a band plans to pull off the whole satanic shebang. The inhuman drumming in places also brings forth the question of whether it’s a drum machine or not. Even if it is, it is extremely well programmed with a great and very kick-ass kit being used.

The songwriting is unique and utilizes a number of elements uncommon to death or black metal, namely stop start chunks, and even some hardcore sounding riffage over the blast beats. This, coupled with the interesting variety of vocals (killer growls and shrieks) and a tastefully restrained use of samples makes this a winner through and through.

Even with the above mentioned it would be in the same ballpark of at least a hundred other bands. But what separates this from them is the sprinkling of grind elements over the whole thing, making a surprisingly enjoyable metal meal out of it.

Within no time you will be chanting ‘motherfucker you deserve to die!’ or ‘where is your, where is your, where is your GOD!!!’ with this merry crew. The disjointed riffing and occasional dark lead work adds to the effect, as does a uniquely audible bass (What !!! Bass on a BM CD!!! I must be kidding. Not.). This is somehow still closer to black metal than any other genre yet still yards away. There is real wit and true talent here. The closest comparison would be Goat of Mendes era Ackercoke through an industrial grind filter. And if that doesn’t make you want to go get it now, you are on the wrong site.

With a number of quality metal acts continuing the tradition of brutality while innovating with cyber and/or industrial elements and not forgoing song-writing, we have the definite makings of a new genre. Umbah, Tristwood and now Satanochio. All top notch, all brutal, all catchy and all original. Metal Heaven (Hell)!



Release:  2006
Label:  AXA Valaha Productions
Avantgenre:  Satanic Black Grind Metal
Duration:  40:57
Origin:  Romania
Official site:
Review online since:  20.10.2007 / 14:56:19


01 – Into The Valley Of Death
02 – Every Crime You Did
03 – Revelation
04 – Burn
05 – Daemon
06 – God Shit Damn Window
07 – The Return Of Rats And The Black Plague
08 – You Deserve To Die
09 – The Castle Of One Eyed Zombie
10 – Thy Kingdom Be Gone
11 – I Am Satanochio
12 – Dark Days Will Come
13 – Lady Romania In Funeral Dress


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