Sarsekim “Fathom the Spheres” (2009)

Ah, the humble riff; so abused and re-iterated that to a seasoned metal-head, it is very rare to hear ones which you can honestly say sound completely new. That makes it even more special when a band comes along that subject you to an actually interesting riff, and that is what Sarsekim really specialise in on this album.

Their music is a very well blended Technical Death/Black Metal sound (with more emphasis on the Death), creating a coherent and consistent style rather than genre-jumping. Most of the album trucks along at mid-high pace with some slower acoustic sections to break it up a bit.

The riffs and guitarwork is generally played in a more progressive old-school DM style reminiscent of some mid-late Death pieces, and not miles away in terms of calibre. The riffs are very memorable and interesting, experimenting with tapping, harmonising and some dissonance to keep the music engaging throughout. Solos are relatively few in number compared to their peers, but the ones that are present are technical, melodic, feel well placed and actually add something to the music rather than just being put in because it’s de regueur.

Vocals switch between death growls and screams and are high quality, especially impressive coming from the same guy. They don’t feel overdone or forced and are tastefully positioned.

The drummer has a good array of rhythms, switching between blast-beats, technical fills and a variety of progressive-sounding percussion without (excuse the pun) missing a beat.

The problem with most Death Metal bands nowadays is derivation from the genres greats, or even derivation from the copiers, making the genre spiral into genericism. Although Sarsekim can easily be compared to many of the pioneers (and yes, even placed alongside many in terms of quality), they still manage to keep their own unique style of playing throughout, making this album a fantastic addition to the collection of anyone wondering which ditch Death Metal is convulsing in at present.

-Simon Brand


Release:  2009
Label:  Independant
Avantgenre:  Textbook Technical Death/Black Metal
Duration:  37:24
Origin:  Australia
Official site:
Review online since:  16.09.2009 / 20:53:07


01 – The Consummate Destroyer
02 – Continuing The Torment Of Confinement
03 – Divining The Vital Source
04 – Fragments Of The Unknown
05 – The Transition
06 – Sequestration
07 – Noxious
08 – The Tangible Being

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