Turn Out “Prepare to Burn” (2007)

Opening with “Beyond”, this is a mix of thrash and some more progressive moody influences (as in Nevermore) with just a dashing of eerie hardcore. The song thrashes, broods and does strange amalgamations of both. What it lacks in song-writing maturity it makes up in enthusiasm. In places the CD reminds me of at least 5 early 90’s thrash outfits (Sacred Reich, Wargasm, Sanctuary), without sounding like any one of them. There are oddly timed bits and guitars galore, but there is a certain mosh-friendly quality to the material (I’m sure it’s a riot live), as “Drown” demonstrates, with a chorus straight out of 90’s (there’s that word again) Headbangers Ball.

All in all this is at the very edge of AGM, and a lot of punters on this very site will debate its inclusion. But barring the lack of experimentation this has an enjoyable groovy vibe and the kind of sections of classic thrash riffing that just scream denim, leather and sneakers. The vocalist’s vintage vocal technique (adequately pulled off) does nothing to dissuade the retro-vibe. Thankfully he manages all this without seeming like a tribute, a cheesecake or a rip-off, instead coming across as a bunch of earnest moody thrashers. And the tracks “Daseinsdissonanz” and “The Other Side” rock like a motherfucker. The production is clear and powerful, aiding the sludgy parts and thrashy bits equally. The closer “We Die Slowly” shows the guitarist’s arsenal of stop-start riffage, thrash chops and dissonance (as well as those ever present moody arpeggios /clean licks)

If you like your metal pure, broody and moshy without a hint of metalcore, elves (barring the email id), Vikings or pseudo-industrial modifications, this is your ticket. I am interested in seeing what comes next for this talented bunch.\M/

– Suleiman


Release:  2007
Label:  Self Released
Avantgenre:  Moody Prog Thrash Metal
Duration:  39:44
Origin:  Austria
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/turnoutband
Review online since:  20.10.2007 / 11:50:02


01 – Beyond
02 – Drown
03 – Daseinsdissonance
04 – The Other Side
05 – Seizure
06 – We Die Slowly

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