Tristwood “The Delphic Doctrine” (2006)

Aaaaah !! Finally!! After reviewing all manners of insane sound forms that are often at the very edge of metal, here is one assigned to me that is as metal as beer, sacrificed virgins and spiked studs. This here is some seriously brutal atmospheric death metal. And atmospheric I don’t mean doomy or slow; I mean reeking of evil darkness. I don’t have a lyric sheet or a CD sleeve even but somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if the themes were cosmic, satanic, hermetic or plain murderous (even a combination of some/all of the above).

It starts with a very short intro and then its blasts all the way, with a few more similarly short synthy intros scattered through out.. The riffing and song-writing is straight forward and lightning fast. The growls are done in the classic demonic death metal vein (think Massacre, Septic Flesh and mid-period Behemoth)with an occasional dashing of a more mid-ranged rasp (no ultra high pitched shrieking, than you very much). There is a dark almost cyber sheen to the material, courtesy of the background but ever present synths (which occasionally come forth as per requirement), and the too precise drumming (is it or is it not a drum machine?), as well the perfect production.

I know it sounds like a million other bands, but there is something about the songs that just stick. The riffing knows where to stand out, without going into wankery, and the stuff is catchy. There wasn’t a single part where I thought ‘I wish they hadn’t done that’ and that means its damn near perfect as a slice of metal brutality. For those into the heavier end of the spectrum check this shit out. Hail !!!

(Though for the sake of criticism, this isn’t very Avant Garde at all).

– Suleiman


Release:  2006
Label:  Sound Riot Records
Avantgenre:  Industrial Death Black Metal
Duration:  42:18
Origin:  Austria
Official site:
Review online since:  27.10.2007 / 11:01:32


01 – Indoctrination (Intro)
02 – The Delphic Doctrine
03 – Chronos
04 – The Call Ov Seth – Invocation Of The God Of Blood And War
05 – Anbeheh
06 – Pandaemonic Paradoxon
07 – Nemesis – The Cyberstorm
08 – Through The Nineth Hall Of Utuk’Ku
09 – Daedae Taengri
10 – Exdoctrination – The Blackest Void (Outro)

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