Triptykon “Shatter” (2010)


verb \sha-ter\

Definition of “shatter”

transitive verb

1 : to cause to drop or be dispersed
2 : a : to break at once into pieces b : to damage badly : ruin
3 : to cause the disruption or annihilation of : demolish

intransitive verb

1 : to break apart : disintegrate
2 : to drop off parts (as leaves, petals, or fruit)

shat•ter•ing•ly\ adverb

Examples of “shatter”

The sound of Triptykon shattered the mainstream audience.
His dreams were shattered by the falseness of others.
The end of his own band shattered him emotionally.

Origin of “shatter”

Middle English: “schateren”
First Known Use: 14th century

SHATTER as meaningful title of a quite unique chill-out bonus CD for TRIPTYKON’s massive aural assault on the “Eparistea Daimones” debut album.

What follows at the end of the tunnel if somebody stole the sun? Right – a continuation of the ultimate darkness. This is the very case with “Shatter”, the new EP by TRIPTYKON. In regard to atmosphere and sound the first two songs are close to “Eparistea Daimones” which is not surprising at all since they were recorded in the session for that specific album. I’m not sure what effect they would have had on the listener if they had become part of the full length, but as opening tracks for this EP they evoke a “welcome home” feeling despite (because of) their dark essence. With its strong female vocals “Shatter” could be quite charming even for listeners not familiar with extreme metal, I guess. “I Am The Twilight” is a perfect bastard of the veteran and his relatively young fellow musicians: ultra heavy dark metal, obviously born from the pain and hate resulting from the demise of Celtic Frost. Listening to this song it’s hard to imagine a more powerful and in all its subtlety adequate combination than Fischer on vocals and Santura on guitar.

“Crucifixus” is a dark ambient piece of music and probably the most surprising track on this EP. I already read some reviews reflecting the inaptitude of the reviewers to cope with the seemingly non metallic sound spheres. Placed at the centre of the EP, this piece has – within the short playing time of only four and a half minutes – almost meditative quality. Play it loud on “repeat” and maybe you get it, this piece of hauntingly dark music fascinates me more than most so-called “dark” ambient around. It almost sounds like a lost composition of Apoptose… uncanny indeed!

With “Circle Of The Tyrants” and “Dethroned Emperor” two classic songs have been added, performed at the Roadburn Festival, the latter one featuring a certain Nocturno Culto on lead vocals. Thus all Celtic Frost fans will probably feel “welcome home” as well. To compare this EP with a louring monument like the debut album would be ignorant, so it makes sense to take this release for what it is: a bonus for the dedicated fans and a continuation of serious musicians who are more “sworn to the dark” than many of those who spend their time on giving silly interviews to the mainstream metal press in order to present themselves as the devil’s very own sons.

– Thor Joakimsson


Release:  25th October 2010
Label:  Century Media / Prowling Death
Avantgenre:  Heavy Dark Metal
Duration:  27:52
Origin:  Switzerland / Germany
Official site:
Review online since:  06.10.2010 / 22:28:06


01 – Shatter
02 – I Am The Twilight
03 – Crucifixus
04 – Circle Of The Tyrants (Live)
05 – Dethroned Emperor (Live)

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