Syven “Aikaintaite” (2011)

19. July 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

From the angle of a middle-aged wanderer through the Nordic netherworlds of dreamy-doomy music, there can be no doubt that SYVEN hails from the Finnish hinterland: the music on this truly outstanding debut album sometimes […]


Shining (NOR) “Blackjazz” (2010)

13. July 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

The record “Blackjazz” by Norwegian SHINING – not to be mistaken for their Swedish namesakes – is shit, annoying shit to be outspoken. No boring average mainstream consensus bullshit, but really obnoxious crap you can’t […]


Opeth “Watershed” (2008)

22. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

There’s no obvious reason for reviewing a not really new album by Opeth on this page, isn’t it? We all know: nowadays Opeth just sounds like Opeth, and if Opeth creates a record it’s more […]


Kerbenok “O” (2008)

12. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

One of the two parts of KERBENOKs stunning debut album was called “On Wild Pathways” and it seems to me that the band still explores the savage and thick brushwood far away from the contemporary […]


Kampfar “Heimgang” (2008)

8. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

How anti-avant-garde can metal become? Listen to Kampfar’s new album “Heimgang” and you’ll get a dubiously perfect idea! The title nearly says it all: Kampfar is on its “Heimgang”, way back into “Skogens Dyp” (song […]

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