Helheim “Asgards Fall” (2010)

6. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

What the hell… is going on in Helheim? Even after countless descents into the realm of the cruel goddess, the chronicler can do little more than writing down his stammering about the unusual spectacle that […]


Fejd “Eifur” (2010)

3. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

On their second full length album “Eifur” the Swedish quintet FEJD delivers rock & metal influenced folk music with a freedom-loving traditional spirit which makes me remember the late Nineties’ efforts of Garmarna and Hedningarna. […]


Wobbler “Afterglow” (2009)

10. May 2018 Thor Joakimsson 0

Those handsome guys are known as Norways first “Skogs Prog” band Wobbler and some months ago they released their second album Afterglow on their own label Termo Records. Unfortunately our offspring editor fails in the […]

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