Wobbler “Afterglow” (2009)

Those handsome guys are known as Norways first “Skogs Prog” band Wobbler and some months ago they released their second album Afterglow on their own label Termo Records. Unfortunately our offspring editor fails in the test of writing a review focusing on the facts of this marvelous piece of music

Thor Joakimsson


Release:  02.27.2009
Label:  Termo Records
Avantgenre:  Prehistoric Avantgarde Hard-Rock
Duration: 34:41
Origin:  Norwegian Hinterland
Official site:  http://www.wobblermusic.com
Review online since: 22.06.2009 / 07:33:51


01 – The Haywain
02 – Imperial Winter White
03 – Interlude
04 – In Taberna
05 – Armoury

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