Woburn House “Monstrous Manoeuvers in the Mushroom Maze” (2009)

And now the news from Planet Kolf: A message was picked up from deep within the mushroom Maze. According to earwitnesses, a trio of musicians went in there some time ago to perform monstrous manoeuvres. Now, after a longer timespan without communication, these musicians have picked up contact with the outside world again. Tentakel P., writer for Avantgarde-metal.com, has received a CD containing an audial message sent by sources close to the band. The information stored on this disk provides insights into recent events in this so-called “mushroom maze”, and the specialists of avantgarde-metal.com have been working on evaluating the material to supply the general public with an adequate summary of the happenings. So far the progress has been going on for weeks as the message needs to be translated from a musical language which up to now was unknown into facts that the scientists can work with. So far we can say about this maze is that it seems to be a kind of parallel world

A place which is very much worth visiting. However the reception of “Monstrous Manoeuvres In The Mushroom Maze” is, and every listener will experience the visit there different depending on the mood he is in at the very moment: This album once again shows the exeptional status and the skill of the Zeitgeister-collective to put a whole own world, even a cosmos into one album. Every album, not only this actual WOBURN HOUSE record, stands for itself and provides individual and intriguing music. With this said, we want to point out to our readers that the Mushroom Maze is open for visitors now – and a visit there is highly recommended.

Tentakel P.


Release:  2009
Label:  Paradigms Recordings
Avantgenre:  Maze Metal
Duration: 58:55
Origin:  Germany
Official site:  https://www.facebook.com/woburnhouse
Review online since:  12.02.2010 / 19:41:11


01 – Omega
02 – Oil
03 – Globus
04 – Transmitter
05 – Transformer

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