Enslaved “Isa” (2004)

1. June 2018 Tentakel P. 0

The vikings have left their dragonboats, ceased all plans of conquering, instead gathered in their longhouse to fill their brains with substances which allow them to communicate with the northern pantheon to share the secrets […]


Valborg “Glorification of Pain” (2009)

18. May 2018 Tentakel P. 0

  Tentakel P. VITALS: Release: 2009Label:  Vendlus RecordsAvantgenre:  Not-so-Death MetalDuration:  37:44Origin:  GermanyOfficial site: Review online since:  26.04.2009 / 15:59:38 TRACKLIST: 01 – Whispers Of The Wizard 02 – Epic Journey 03 – When Dusk Begins To Fall […]


Dødheimsgard “Satanic Art” (1998)

14. May 2018 Tentakel P. 1

With AGM’s Birthday and a PDF-Version of avantgarde-history approaching, it’s time to take on one of the forgotten treasures of the nineties: DHG’s “Satanic Art”. Let’s touch the devilish mind for a chaotic mindtrip, which […]


V:28 “VioLution” (2008)

13. May 2018 Tentakel P. 0

Wow, Vendlus records has yet another positive surprise for me in stock. I have not heard of V:28 from Norway before, which is kind of a pity if you take into account that they just […]


Cronian “Enterprise” (2008)

3. May 2018 Tentakel P. 0

First things first. I just need to get something out of the way here. CRONIAN is the “project” of Mr. Vintersorg and Øystein G. Brun, both of BORKNAGAR (the other band of Mr. V seems […]


Borknagar “Universal” (2010)

2. May 2018 Tentakel P. 0

It’s always nice when your old heroes release a new album. Lately, at least to me, there has been a rush of good/great albums, including new discoveries as well as non-AGM stuff. So with all […]

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