Thee Maldoror Kollective “New Era Viral Order” (2002)

These guys have been active more or less since 1991. Starting with Black Metal under the name FUNERAL FOG, they recorded three demos until they changed their name to MALDOROR. They recorded several demos and two full-length albums under that name, until changing their name again into THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE. The first album that sprung forth with their new name was “New Era Viral Order”; which is what I have got here, but let us take a quick look into the future before coming back to 2001.

Only one band can compare with their career, at least with the development in their musical style, and that is- ULVER. From Black Metal, which gets more and more wrapped up in electronic elements, to Jazz and Trip Hop- and from what I interpret from their MySpace-Site, they are doing some kind of atmospheric soundtrack right now. Parallels obvious? Oh by the way, they seem to have their name changed again into T/M/K.

Back to the album N.E.V.O.- (it is shorter that way, maybe that is why they changed their name to T/M/K- goes more smoothly as THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, right?) Not much unlike their fellow countrymen of ENSOPH, what you will listen to is heavily synthed Black/ Dark Metal with shredding guitars and cold, mechanic effects. Maybe a reminiscence to their earlier days, the second Track “Haemorrhage Transmission” features even blastbeats; but the rest of the album is midtempo – massive, stomping beats with the guitars providing the aggression. Above all spheric, laser-like synths and the aggressive shouts of vocalist Kundahli. Think of T/M/K (there- it IS much easier) as a slower, more dense version of ABORYM- although T/M/K are even more into the mechanical approach of their music. This manifests in occasional beeps, sweeps, robotic speech and almost dance-like synth melodies as well as samples. Somehow they manage to avoid the point where this would get on my nerves; I have to admit the omnipresent synth is not exactly my cup of tea. But, it fits this album well, and the interspersed ambient passages do their part to make it interesting and diversified.

If you are into one of the above mentioned bands, check out T/M/K. I for once have to be in the right mood to listen to this, but when I am, it rocks. Should you stumble upon another album of T/M/K wondering what the heck I am writing here about and why nothing I mention applies to what YOU were listening- go ahead, go show ULVER’s “Nattens Madrigal” to someone, followed by let us say “Blood Inside” and then tell him/her this is the same band. None of T/M/K’s albums is representative or repetitive, and N.E.V.O. is but a step in their evolution.

– Tentakel P.


Release:  2002
Label:  Code 666
Avantgenre:  Robotic Alien Metal
Duration:  48:52
Origin:  Italy
Official site:
Review online since:  18.08.2007 / 23:10:12


01. Xaos DNA Released
02. Haemorrage Transmission
03. Drain-Wound-Cosmosis (Iera Porneusis)
04. Rhythmagick Disturbance (Embodiment Cell)
05. La Flamme Vivant
06. Rigid Pulse Starfire (93)
07. The Toxium Discipline (Null Industries)
08. Slaughter Mass 2002
09. Epidemic Noise Age (Remix By MZ.412)

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