Unexpect “_wE, Invaders” (2007)

20. July 2020 revon 0

The mindblowing existence of unexpecT started 14 years ago – hard to imagine now – they just have two full-lengths and an EP. They released their first material as teenagers, it was Utopia, which featured a […]


Pin-Up Went Down “2 Unlimited” (2008)

30. June 2020 revon 0

Pin-Up Went Down are a new French duo…- let it start at the beginning. The whole story started with a myspace friend request. Nowadays I’m getting tired of them due to the continuous indie bands’ […]


Gire “Gire” (2007)

5. June 2020 revon 0

What I’m holding in my hands right now after a long wait and six demos is Gire’s first, self-titled album which is definitely deserves some spotlight. Although being “sunk” in the metal-for-masses metal scene of […]


Darth Vegas “Darth Vegas” (2003)

6. May 2018 revon 0

Sit back and relax. Why don’t you go out, build a snowman then hitchhike to a freaky old mansion invaded by vampires and aliens who’s actually having a party? Join them! If you find it […]