Darth Vegas “Darth Vegas” (2003)

Sit back and relax. Why don’t you go out, build a snowman then hitchhike to a freaky old mansion invaded by vampires and aliens who’s actually having a party? Join them! If you find it boring after some time, feel free to leave and join another party held on the beach with beautiful girls, sunshine and cocktails. The point is; just be yourself! Well, you have to wake up, that wasn’t the reality. The reality is the world of dark city streets with neon lights somewhere in Las Vegas.
Anyway, you find watching cartoons rather amusing, so don’t turn off the TV. Do you like Far-Eastern films? Check the broadcast of DV-TV, it’s so exciting, you cannot miss it! You like horror parodies and many others? It’s your place mate; DV-TV offers the largest selection of entertainment just for you!

Okay, wake up, really. This isn’t the best description but I hope it succeeded in painting a vision in your mind about Darth Vegas.

So this time we arrived to one of the cornerstone of the Australian Avantgarde scene lead by the key musician, Michael Lira. Yes, it’s Mikey who plays in Vicious Hairy Mary as well. Having played and contributed in lots of bands, Mikey is a really experienced and talented musician. Mikey is somebody in Australia like Mike Patton in the US. Then it should not surprise us that Darth Vegas will surely surprise us with their 2003 album, called so creatively “Darth Vegas”.

Let’s see what we got here. We have almost a dozen of songs performed in half a dozen musical styles mixed with each other. For those who want not just metal, but want to meet something much more experimental, this album could be a perfect one. Why? Because it still can entertain you playfully despite the different musical styles and influences. How would sound jazz, lounge, gypsy, pop, metal and toy/cartoon music blended with Eastern and tropical melodies? … Yes, it’s almost Darth Vegas, but it seems like we forgot some elements; the influences, yes. Imagine this mess with the influences of classic horror and samurai movies and note that the music of Darth Vegas is characterized by saxophone, trombone and keys! Therefore this album has hardly anything to do with metal (there are only some riffs and that’s all).

All tracks are completely different and instrumental. There are only just a few narrative lines spoken during the songs and this instrumentality can be considered as the main pro of the album. I believe there aren’t two people who feel the same while listening to this material. This is a trip into a world full of colors and emotions; this is something which shows you the surrealist colors of life that Darth Vegas saw in the desert. Or not there.
Who cares anyway?



Release:  2003
Label:  Valve Records
Avantgenre:  Jazzy Cartoon Music Metal Disco
Duration:  38:11
Origin:  Australia
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/darthplease
Review online since:  18.01.2008 / 14:33:12


01 – Nano Nano
02 – Bomb & The Snowman
03 – Spookhouse
04 – Ha Cha Cha
05 – El Flamo
06 – Captain Terrific
07 – Revenge Of The Claw
08 – Mephisto Mash
09 – Ghost Train
10 – Kowai-Go-Zero
11 – It Came From Beyond

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