Deathhammer / Körgull the Exterminator “When The Hammer Strikes……The Exterminator Arrives!!!” (2011)

ARGH!!! 4 tracks, 2 bands on 2 sides, with 1 motive… THRASH!

Norwegians DEATHHAMMER kicks off the slaughterfeast without realizing that anything has happened in music since the first trembling steps of the Teutonic trinity SODOM/KREATOR/DESTRUCTION. Raw and visceral thrash ’til death, no prisoners taken. A joyous celebration of everything great in life (big and rusty swords, punishing riffs and an ever-flowing stream of beer). The vocalist is especially raw as hell… fucking kill angels !!!

Spaniards KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR, true to their name, offers something slightly more dynamic (which is very relative, put next to the aggressive cave-men of DEATHHAMMER). A bit more melodic, these two tunes ravage their way through your head in a manner similar to mid90’s ABSU or AURA NOIR – a furious black thrash attack with brief heavy metal leads. Vocalist Lilith Necrobitch’s aggressive snarls and bone-chilling witch howls are akin to Proscriptor, reverberating into the valley of merciless death. TOTAL DEATH !!!

Summary: complete old-school thrash, unforgiving ferocity; once again showcasing the supremacy of Euro-thrash compared to moshing fun retrothrash jokesters of the US. KÖRGULL wins this round, with their menacing and dark atmosphere, where DEATHHAMMER does little, if anything at all, that could not be found in the slime of Angelripper’s half-empty beer bottles and bullet-belts of ’84. No innovation anywhere, but who cares about that when you have THRASH??????



Release:  17/10/2011
Label:  Duplicate Records
Avantgenre:  Total Thrash Blasphemy
Duration:  13 Minutes
Origin:  Norway / Spain
Review online since:  16.11.2011 / 22:51:38


1. Blasphemy
2. Deathbangerz
3. The Flag Of Hate Shall Rise Again
4. The Never Ending Forest

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