Der Blutharsch “The Track of the Hunted” (2000)

Der Blutharsch proves that music can become a cinema, without any visual instrument but the walls of imagination. Moreover, Der Blutharsch is the Cinema Paradiso of the ethereal and harsh music, blending underground mysteries, Neo-Folk soul, noise attitude, industrial moments, world music hints and lots of guts into the disturbing moshpit of theirs.

The mastermind behind, Albin Julius, uses every action possible to make music as life itself and following phenomena: whether cutting, breaking, mashing, spell casting, you name it, all in order to create divers worlds, sculpturing themselves as the music conquering the mind. By building the album as a twisted chronology of random scenes, all taken from the same Epos, Der Blutharsch manifests the ultimate expression of giving the listener no more but the whole sense of sole interpretation, and nothing but it. It’s a skeleton of music, the basis of a greater experience and that’s the pure epiphany of Der Blutharsch – recreating music as a tool, as a toy, as a blank paper next to a box of crayons.

The movie themes, flickering through the music and leading the songs through the vast maze containing ambient layers – blurred skies of sounds fragments, marching drums, beats that have two cheeks – military and ritual, samples of old songs from golden decades, pathos-full singing and repeating voices of more or less provocative personalities. All these ingredients are starring instead of the conventional musical instruments, altering the ever-changing atmosphere, though always cloudy and bewitching. The simplicity of the music, turning into a Tabula Rasa each listening anew, is the very greatness of Der Blutharsch universe unfolding. Granting the land of unlimited options of interpretation to every direction possible and beyond, it’s an enchanting and priceless experience, which is almost spiritual. This is the reason why the songs, the tracks – if you’ll follow the journey metaphor, are presented with no title; no numbers and only the ‘movie’ itself got a title of its own. We, the listeners, are the masters of each and every Der Blutharsch creation, with minds as hands and vice versa, the mouth and the ladder.

The purpose of Der Blutharsch is to evoke and provoke the sun wheels of our minds, letting us emerge as writers, as movie directors, as visionary beings, diving into the unknown. It works.



Release:  2000
Label:  WKN
Avantgenre:  Paper Rock Scissors
Duration:  44:14
Origin:  Austria
Official site:
Review online since:  06.07.2008 / 13:26:37


01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled
03 – Untitled
04 – Untitled
05 – Untitled
06 – Untitled
07 – Untitled
08 – Untitled
09 – Untitled
10 – Untitled

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