Horn “Distanz” (2010)

6. June 2020 Maxwell Rock 0

I’ve always been an admirer of Horn’s nearly unrivaled ability to convey the perennial beauty of nature while concurrently evoking feelings of desolation amidst the vastness of Mother Nature. Even though nature-esque black metal is […]


Hexvessel “Dawnbringer” (2011)

6. June 2020 Mystery Flame 0

This album has been my subtle companion for a while now, caressing and soothing my soul at every spare hour. Submerged by its trembling, refulgent notes and honey-coated vocals, I knew I would have needed […]


Herrschaft “Tesla” (2008)

6. June 2020 Bernd 0

Our world is made of two parts: Before, and after the reign of human race. This is the main concept of “Tesla”, an invitation to join HERRSCHAFTs trip to discover those two worlds. Hailing from […]


Helheim “Asgards Fall” (2010)

6. June 2020 Thor Joakimsson 0

What the hell… is going on in Helheim? Even after countless descents into the realm of the cruel goddess, the chronicler can do little more than writing down his stammering about the unusual spectacle that […]


Havohej “Kembantinan Premaster” (2009)

6. June 2020 aVoid 0

6 6 6 Left hand guides to the basement. 6 The audial essence of pure darkness. 6 Sounds beyond hate, beyond scorn, beyond… Monotonous, machine-like pulsing perverted boiling blood. Minimalism near non-existence. Dehumanized rancorous throat-abuse. […]

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