Lux Occulta “The Mother and the Enemy” (2001)

Lux Occulta from Krakow started as a quite conventional black metal band back in 1994. Seven years later they surprise us with their experimental “The Mother and the Enemy”. The major part of this album features technical extreme metal with enthralling progressive riffing, embellished by lots of electronic sounds. The atmosphere is cold and icy like – 470° Fahrenheit, aggressive like hungry dogs in an iron cage and hopeless like a cosmonaut lost in outer space. Some parts are furious and fast. Others are slow, deep and creeping like frozen corpses drawn on a rope through a forest of nails. The lyrics are hateful, nihilistic and misanthropic. They use a very poetic, phantasmagorical language and create cruel worlds of surreality.

With “Yet Another Armageddon”, “Midnight Crisis” and “Breath Out” there are also
three trip-hop songs in the vein of Portishead on this album. They are sung by the Polish jazz/experimental vocalist India Czajkowska. It’s unbelievable how perfect they fit into the ice-cold ambience of “The Mother and the Enemy”, how well they merge with the extreme metal! Unfortunately the record company hardly did any promotion for this album. So this is still an undiscovered treasure. Check it out!



Release:  2001
Label:  Maquiavel Music Entertainment
Avantgenre:  Cold Trip Elektro Black Metal
Duration:  53:51
Origin:  Poland
Official site:
Review online since:  30.06.2007 / 22:51:29


01. Breathe In
02. Mother Pandora
03. Architecture
04. Most Arrogant Life Form
05. Yet Another Armageddon
06. Gambit
07. Midnight Crisis
08. Pied Piper
09. Missa Solemnis
10. Breathe Out

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