Lusiferiinin Armosta “Nuolee” (2009)

The other day (or night), I was visiting a new underground club in Montreal, and as soon as I asked the 8 feet tall Disc Jokey to play my Lusiferiinin Armosta album, these are some of the highbrow quotes that I’ve heard from the agitated crowd:

“This is Jussi Lehtisalo’s latest solo album, accompagnied by two other talented musicians going by the names of Eetu Henttonen and Tuomas Laurila.”

“Jussi Lehtisalo is not only the mastermind behind Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Ektroverde, Mercedes Hell, Steel Mammoth, Doktor Kettu, Motorspandex, Tractor Pulling, Rättö ja Lehtisalo, among others, but he is also the owner of Ektro Records.”

“Like carpet-floating rock music among the dunes of sand and distortion, Lusiferiinin Armosta entails the listener to as much soft headbanging as it infuses it with a strange, slightly psychedelic vibe.”

“Weirdo cowboy groove is something I rarely get to hear, I mean in a riffing metal context.”

“I’m simply not drunk enough yet to understand the music.”

“The space-y sound is responsible for many jester tricks around and about what the songs groove under the influence of.”

“What a mean band – are they musical goons or something?”

“Repetitive pop riffs à la epic metal meets Voivod meets primitive garage rock in a large, stretchable and bouncing bubble.”

“I’m now way too drunk to understand the music.”

“Alternate solos and space curving melodies are fowarded back and forth, in and out, on and off the riffing structures of the compositions.”

“Wasn’t that acoustic guitars?!”

“Pre-punk, post-metal apocalyptic snuff music for old-timers.”

“The vocals reminded me of Enslaved’s most stars-reaching moments with a drugged-out touch of laidback melodrama.”

“Man, the drummer is as ass-solid as you can get!”

“Wasn’t that synthesizers!?”

“Stratospheric and multi-dimensional hard rock played by Finnish aliens on a quest to conquer the terrestrial world’s most rock n’ rolling inhabitants.”

“I couldn’t help but close my eyes and wander off in space.”

At the end of the album, in a choir-like transmission, they all wondered:

“The more we listen, the more we ponder.”


-Oliver Side


Release:  2009
Label:  Ektro Records
Avantgenre:  Psycho-Swinging Hard Rock
Duration:  38:10
Origin:  Finland
Official site:
Review online since:  13.01.2010 / 18:45:26


01 – Silmät Meikatut
02 – Kvaak Kvaak Kvaak
03 – Kolme Matalaa
04 – Pimeä Rekka
05 – Synkeä Pirtti
06 – Kultainen Keinutuoli
07 – Luminen Malka
08 – Biohajoava Pesuaine
09 – Suurin Puu


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