Tough Troubles “Tough Troubles” (2009)

2. January 2021 Adam Matlock 0

According to Tough Troubles, this disc falls under the “broad church of punk,” albeit punk filtered through Hawkwind’s equal dosage of LSD and amphetamines. The core of these songs are driving drum machines and well-recorded […]


Ruby Bullet “Splitting Heirs” (2009)

4. July 2020 Adam Matlock 0

There are a lot of stereotypical roles for women in metal, whether they are the operatic Diva providing some archetypal “beauty” to the “beast” of the traditional metal sound, or providing orchestral or keyboard textures […]


Kilt. “Everything/Nothing” (2009)

12. June 2020 Adam Matlock 0

The great thing about Kilt. is their vague familiarity – on their debut album, Everything/Nothing, an attentive listener can hear vague traces of other established metal acts, whether with the downtuned rhythm guitar pulse that […]


Ihsahn “After” (2010)

6. June 2020 Adam Matlock 0

A new Ihsahn album is always something of an event. By the time Emperor had reached their last album, the band was basically an extreme vehicle for the musical avenues Ihsahn had explored with Thou […]


Vyrmn “2012” (2008)

21. May 2018 Adam Matlock 0

It’s true that we’re reviewing this disc a bit late – 2012 came out in 2008 as the first offering from Vyrmn, mostly a solo project by R. Ashley III. But the EP is a […]


Dynahead “Antigen” (2008)

14. May 2018 Adam Matlock 0

Dynahead’s latest release, Antigen is a curious release. At times the band focuses their intensity into pure progressive thrash – nothing terrible but quite similar to things we’ve heard before, almost as though Meshuggah and […]

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