Dødheimsgard “Satanic Art” (1998)

14. May 2018 Tentakel P. 1

With AGM’s Birthday and a PDF-Version of avantgarde-history approaching, it’s time to take on one of the forgotten treasures of the nineties: DHG’s “Satanic Art”. Let’s touch the devilish mind for a chaotic mindtrip, which […]


Dysrhythmia “Test of Submission” (2012)

14. May 2018 aVoid 0

Test of Submission is the sixth album by the New York trio DYSRHYTHMIA. The trio, consisting of members also found in Krallice, Gorguts, and a few hundred other bands (see interview with bassist extraordinaire Colin […]


Dynahead “Antigen” (2008)

14. May 2018 Adam Matlock 0

Dynahead’s latest release, Antigen is a curious release. At times the band focuses their intensity into pure progressive thrash – nothing terrible but quite similar to things we’ve heard before, almost as though Meshuggah and […]


Dornenreich “Hexenwind” (2005)

14. May 2018 Jobst 0

In this album, in some continuation to the previous, Dornenreich’s music reflects the structure of a dream. The passages, turning from bleak and blur dark metal to soft Neo-Folk, laced with delicate touches of Ambient, […]


Dordeduh “Dar De Duh” (2012)

14. May 2018 Mystery Flame 0

Let’s be honest, some – if not most – fans have been waiting for this release as confirmation that the true incarnation of the original Negura Bunget project is to be found here rather than […]

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