Kubark “Ulysses” (2011)

So I basically woke up, this morning, and even if I was not able to look at myself in a mirror (there’s none in my room), I could perceive there was weird stuff going on with my body.

For starters, a greater sense of smell was what arose my suspicions most. Still in bed, the smell of muddy water outside the window pierced my nose. I opened my eyes, slowly, only to realize that I couldn’t move my head as I used to, and that I couldn’t take my legs off the bed either, if not moving my entire body out of it.

I fell to the floor, and started crawling, down on all fours while my feet made a clicking noise, each step I took.

Realizing I was extremely late at work, I just rushed outside my room, before realizing that I didn’t even think about getting dressed and stuff, since my skin was already warm and comfortably covering me as it was.

Outside the building, a man with a stick inexplicably grabbed my attention, and gathered me at his feet with the growl of his dog, together with tons of others like me, all making the same dumb sound come out of our mouths.

A flock of us. And we all never felt so happy before.

-Marco Guerra Avitabile


Release:  2011
Label:  Self-released
Avantgenre:  Shapeshifting Rock
Duration:  30:35
Origin:  Italy
Official site:  http://kubark.tumblr.com/
Review online since:  18.01.2012 / 19:31:48


01 – Letdown
02 – Ainsoph
03 – Love & Preach Hate
04 – Ulysses
05 – VIXI

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