Furze “UTD” (2007)

4. June 2020 aVoid 0

“Furze” is the name of the Blade on the Reaper’s scythe – the one and only trademark of the one and only Reaper, made “music”. Woe J. Reaper, sole member of Furze, began back in […]


Freund Hein “Chaos Immanent” (2006)

4. June 2020 Tentakel P. 0

30-second-Grindcore-tracks, beer, faecal humour, men in drags, beer, porno film samples, beer- this is what you would excpect when opening the booklet of the first official full-length of FREUND HEIN (drawn in the style of […]


Francisco Lopez “Untitled #104” (2001)

4. June 2020 Oliver Side 0

An old one from the trash bin. From silence it speaks. * What happens when an internationally recognized avant-garde music composer and sound artist, who has never before nor after released anything Metal-related, decides to […]


Fluoryne “Dämmerung” (2009)

4. June 2020 Adryuu 0

The lights turn dim and we hear a voice that introduces us into a darkness just about to take off like a space shuttle when the first riff appears. It fits perfectly with the dark […]

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