Korovakill “Waterhells” (2001)

When looking at my hereby reviewed album I couldn’t believe what I saw. I did put the album into the scanner for you to see it too:

When looking at the clouds, just below the first ‘K’ one can see the two letters: “re”. This might be the first review where a ‘re’ plays an integral part.

There are some theories on the way of placing the horizon by painters when they started to paint landscapes a million years ago. This landscape without land does also have a certain ratio that might be measured by everyone who is willing to do so. Whilst doing the math, dear reader and hopefully soon listener, I strongly suggest to listen to the post-funky tunes from those boys that originated from the alps. This is the real sound of music.

My personal friend Kevin, who I met intimately in a shower and hell it was (no pun intended), was influenced by those sauerkraut-schnitzel-tunes when he assisted directing the nearly homonymous [note to self: count the o’s of that word!] movie.

A reviewer on amazon.com, who also happened to dislike Epson printers, gave this album four (out of five) stars and mentions Voivod. I’d rather mention Adam Ant and would give this album five (out of five) Kleinplaneten.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2001
Label:  Red Stream
Avantgenre:  21st Century Alpinism
Duration:  48:48
Origin:  Alps
Official site:  http://www.korovakill.com
Review online since:  15.09.2007 / 23:56:26


01 – Birth
02 – Waterhells
03 – Drown Symphony
04 – Into The UnderWhirls
05 – The Bleeding Lap Of Undines
06 – Blue Thrones…
07 – All Statues Leave Their Stones
08 – The ShadowHordes
09 – It’s A Fool’s World
10 – Lord Golden Blizzard
11 – Within The Sunstorm
12 – Through Neptune’s Broken Nets

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